How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was very good–it cooled down a little and I got a ton of work done. Of course, having a good weekend means that I was extra annoyed by having to go to work today.

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5 Responses to How Was Your Weekend?

  1. Tracey says:

    Oh where is everybody? I miss us! Come back, monsters!

    Friday I worked until 2 am. My best friends moved 40 minutes away so when I go visit, we hang out all day. I saw them on Saturday. Sunday I attended a birthday brunch. I’m not quite sure what happened to the rest of the day. I did some work, watched some TV, and stayed up too late reading. I’m swamped at work this week and probably through September. The days are flying by but there is so much to get done, I wish I could freeze time like Evie in Out of This World!

  2. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    This weekend was pretty good. Highlights included an unexpected social outing, spending time with family, and eating Greek dessert.

    I am still dealing with my foot injury. I saw 2 podiatrists. I did not like the first one, but the second one was pretty good. Yesterday, I saw my chiropractor, and he figured out that there was a piece of cartilidge that had shifted out of place, so he manipulated it, and he said I should be much better by Wednesday! He’s the best!!

  3. hotspur says:

    I had a good weekend. Friday I saw an old friend and ate squid-ink pasta, Saturday I don’t really remember what I did — errands, a movie, looked at Twitter? — and then went to the concert that night. It was, as I said, my first-ever solo trip to a concert in a theater with seats. Thank you, monsters, for encouraging me to risk it. It turned out fine. I was in the 9th row (why wasn’t I in the 9th row for Springsteen??) and here’s the lowdown on your 80s artists: Thomas Dolby, Soft Cell, and Berlin all seem to be enjoying life. Adam Ant seems to be startled that he is no longer in his twenties, but here’s a fact: This man recorded more than six hundred chart-toppers, all still fun to listen to. And Blondie… well, they’re the reason I went. They changed the world? It took a while for Debbie Harry’s voice to warm up, so the first four or five songs were more like spoken word — which turned Rapture into a high point, even though it’s never been my favorite. Did you guys know Rapture is history’s first #1 rap song, if you ask many middle-aged white people? It’s true! In the end Blondie performed enjoyable versions of Tide Is High and Heart of Glass, they covered the Beastie Boys (more rap!), and in the encore they covered From Russia With Love, which made me laugh. During Heart of Glass everyone in the crowd sang the “Ooh, ooh, ooh love” part, and DH said “that’s beautiful,” and it was. Hooray, Blondie. As I walked out, though, I thought, Ah well,, they moved sort of old for 63-65, that’s too bad, but then I looked them up and Debbie Harry is 74. That hurts me, as she was an early crush (she was on The Muppets). But she’s doing well for 74. I hope when I’m 74, I’m still touring the nation by bus and being cheered by crowds of people who are entirely normal, even the ones who showed up solo.

    • This is not even the tenth most interesting thing to pinpoint in your comment, but how is squid-ink pasta? I’ve always wondered.

      • hotspur says:

        It is a delight and since Friday I have been intermittently craving it. This one came with lemon, salt, and “ground shrimp.” I realize “ground shrimp” does not sound right, it might be the exact opposite of “cellar door,” but gosh it worked.

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