It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!

I not only forgot a gif today; I almost forgot that it’s Friday in the first place. It has Been A Week, friends. Tell me about your weekend plans.

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  1. hotspur says:

    I had a decent week, so far. Last night I went out to see a RiffTrax of Krull (the original MST3k guys show up in a theater and riff on a movie, and it’s simulcast to other theaters around the country.). Krull is the perfect candidate for the treatment because it’s unwatchable unless talked over.

    In upcoming weekend news, I plan to write aggressively and exercise gingerly. I also have to clean my kitchen again, somehow. In other words, I’m planning an event-free weekend. If time allows, I might try to bang together a movie review for all y’all, to get some content up on these-here blog pages, but NO PROMISES. And now for my dancing gif:

    • taoreader says:

      I just rewatched ‘Manos, Hands of Fate’ with my sister. Afterwards, we said the same thing we say every time: “I forgot how bad it was.”

  2. actionjackson5 says:

    It’s a weekend of kid stuff. But also descent restaurants and alcohol. And, in keeping with the theme:

  3. Tracey says:

    My best friends had a baby last week and I am going to meet her on Sunday! Tomorrow I will do NOTHING not a single thing, because I can. Probably I’ll spend 15 hours researching Tokyo because I am so close to buying a plane ticket. If anyone has input on what neighborhood to stay in, please weigh in.

    • taoreader says:

      Tokyo, cool! I lived in Japan for a couple years when I was younger. In Tokyo I like to stay near Ueno Station because it’s so convenient. You can get the subway just about anywhere from there. Just strolling around Ueno Park is fun; there’s a zoo and a cafe, and a couple ancient temples right in the park. And a small lake with paddle boats, if that’s your thing. It’s huge.

      Harajuku is the place with all the shops, and from what I understand, a lot of trendy pop culture these days.

      Shinjuku is the place with all the electronics and gadgets. I bought a video camera there once.

  4. taoreader says:

    Leaving for a Bermuda cruise tomorrow. Hoping for some sunshine and rest. I still can’t taste or smell anything from this sinus infection, even though I feel better. It’s weird. I made a playlist for the cruise:

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