So, How Was Your Day?

Mine was good! Not much to report on here; it’s been a quiet week so far.

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4 Responses to So, How Was Your Day?

  1. taoreader says:

    My day is wet with rain! Tomorrow there’s a chance of rain, followed by possible rain. Fortunately, on Friday, there’ll just be rain.

  2. Tracey says:

    Hello nothing much to report here except that I put in for vacation days in November so I can grab a plane ticket somewhere on an impulse if I see a good price.

    I just finished this book called Strange Weather in Tokyo. It’s weird and it’s not going to be for everyone. I suspect you have to be a solitary person for it to resonate with you. But damn, it wrecked me.

  3. hotspur says:

    I just got back from 12 days in New York, exploring an alternative version of me (that is, one who lives in New York, walks for miles a day like it is no problem, and eats his weight in amazing pasta). It was absolutely great. Now I have to do laundry.

  4. Going on a four-day weekend vacation tomorrow, but still not back to normal from the food poisoning I got Monday. I may have to power through—I canceled my massage so I could have more money for all the restaurants and breweries I looked up and I will not be defeated.

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