How Was Your Weekend?

I had a great weekend! It was cold and autumn-y and I got all my errands done.

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  1. actionjackson5 says:

    Busy, rain-filled weekend. Our oldest wanted a zombie-themed birthday party, which was interesting because we didn’t want to make it too gross or scary for bunch of third graders (and some younger siblings). I picked up some flag football belts and made up a game where the 16 kids with flags were humans and the four kids without flags were zombies. If a zombie got your flag, you became a zombie and attacked the other humans. They liked it a lot (they demanded to go four rounds) and it was a god non-contact game (why is it SO hard to make 8-year-olds keep their hands to themselves?). Half the parents opted to stay for the party because we also had wine and beer.

    Saturday was more rain and a soccer game for one kid and a soccer practice for the other kid. Sunday was still more rain. I baked 140 small pumpkin muffins because I had nervous energy and needed something productive to do with it. Finally, I watched St. Vincent last night. Hadn’t seen it before. I’ve been on a Bill Murray kick recently.

  2. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    This weekend was so relaxing! I slept a lot, finished a book that I have been reading for what seems like an eternity, learned the intro to a Fiona Apple song on the piano, watched the first couple episodes of Maniac on Netflix, and had company over on Sunday.

    I considered going to see Modest Mouse, but it was over an hour drive, and I’ve seen them plenty of times. There was another concert I thought about checking out – Agnes Obel – but tickets on Stubhub were $75, and I like her, but not that much.

    I also bought pumpkin donut holes to celebrate the first day of autumn, but let’s be honest, I really did not need an excuse for that.

    • hotspur says:

      Which Fiona Apple song?? She’s underappreciated. And due for a new album, I believe.

      • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

        Shadowboxer is the song I learned the intro to. It’s not too hard to play, but I still stumble through it a little. There are a lot of Youtube tutorials for her which is great.

        And she really is underappreciated! Her last couple albums were a little hit or miss for me, but they both had some fantastic material. I hope she makes more music, and I would definitely try to catch her live if she went on tour again.

    • How is Maniac? I want to check it out, but I’ve got like three other shows I’m still behind on to finish.

    • taoreader says:

      Now I want pumpkin donut holes! Do you guys have no mercy?

  3. Tracey says:

    I feel as if I live in a different country when I read comments about autumn and cold weather and rain. Here it’s like, I guess it was less hot than usual this weekend? I only ran the A/C for an hour before bed but I still got a sports bra tan line from playing tennis at 5 pm.

  4. taoreader says:

    Here in MD it is all rain all the time. My dog refused to go on his afternoon walk. He hates water. Tonight I went to a reading with the Maryland Writers Association and there weren’t enough chairs. So I stood in the back drinking a cider and left after an hour.

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