How Was Your Weekend?

Sorry for the delay! I guess I thought it still was the weekend.

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  1. hotspur says:

    I wish I still thought it was the weekend. I was inefficient both days and barely touched my Goals List but whatever. I read a book (not on my list), I went to a used book store and bought more books (not on my list), and while reading a different book I let the TV show me eight episodes of Designated Survivor (nowhere near any list I ever made).

    Can we talk about this show? Designated Survivor is like West Wing if Aaron Sorkin got hit on the head by a coconut. It is like Veep but not meant to be funny. Every single episode means watching Kiefer Sutherland live through one of the more hastily written Choose Your Own Adventures. Remember how often the choices would make you think in frustration, “Wait, they’re omitting all kinds of important info here that I would obviously have picked up,” or “GAH, I WOULD DO NEITHER.” Every episode contains a scene where someone is shouting at Kiefer, “Mr. President, do you order a nuclear strike on Florida, or do you deport everyone pregnant?? CHOOSE NOW!!” and Kiefer goes goggle-eyed in alarm and the screen goes black [insert commercial]. It’s hilarious. What will he do?? The Hillary character is also hilarious, she’s so pointlessly monstrous. I don’t think I’m supposed to be laughing though. Anyone know? I vacuumed during part of it.

    I also watched Halloween, the 1978 original. FINALLY. Was it good? It was! No wonder they’ve made sixty more. All equally the best, I am sure. Happy “Halloween,” you guys.

    • actionjackson5 says:

      Glad you finally watched Halloween! That has a well-deserved reputation. Many, MANY imitators followed (including a few made under the name “Halloween”). I watched the first season of Designated Survivor, but even back then (is it still on?), I rolled my eyes every episode. This guy killed a suspect and just willingly went to prison for life because they threatened his kid? They built a secret room in the Capitol that can survive a giant bomb blast and no one knew about it? I also laugh because this Kiefer’s character was HUD Secretary, right? I try to imagine scenes with Ben Carson. He’d probably lie down and nap through every crisis.

      Our weekend was pretty good. Five-year-old has a super-competitive streak and after getting tripped and kicked in the chest, he got up and scored a goal in soccer, fueled by rage.

      • taoreader says:

        Your five-year-old is my kinda people.

      • taoreader says:

        I honestly can’t remember if I’ve ever seen Halloween all the way through, which seems like a problem I should fix.

        I KNOW with the Designated Survivor stuff. He’s the Boy-Scoutingest President I have ever seen depicted. He apologizes all the damn time! His chief-of-staff looks like mafia boss’s kid. His chief assistant looks twelve years old. The FBI is incompetent, and there are apparently only two agents in the whole organization, not counting their boss and the obligatory nerd-tech guy.

        I’m watching another one tonight. What’s wrong with me?

        • hotspur says:

          Good call on the mafia son! The whole FBI having four employees. And ohhh my gosh, the girl chief of staff who makes faces like she’s in junior high, who ARE you. Seriously, if (when) we watch more of this, what is wrong with us?

    • Tracey says:

      I watched the first season of Designated Survivor because I like Kiefer and Italia Ricci (from a GREAT ABC Family show called Chasing Life, you should absolutely go watch it even though it was canceled). But at some point watching DS became more of a chore than an enjoyment so I stopped.

    • Tracey says:

      A funny thing about Designated Survivor is that if it happened in reality, Ben Carson would be the new president. Oh I would also like to say that everyone should be watching Madam Secretary, that’s a great show about American government.

  2. Tracey says:

    I had a great weekend! I did the Best Buy Photo Workshop that they rolled out in 7 or 8 cities, and it was a fabulous experience. I can’t recommend it highly enough – the next round is in January. You get way more than your 50 dollars’ worth.

    I also got some work done, did my laundry, watched several episodes of Australian Survivor (much better than Designated Survivor no offense), and had a three hour FaceTime call to prepare for the upcoming Treasure Hunt. I feel very accomplished.

    I’m trying to win a contest from the workshop that’s only open to participants so it’s a pretty small pool of people and basically I need lots of likes on an Instagram photo. Would it be weird to post it in the Monsters FB group? Probably yes or I wouldn’t even be questioning it. Any ideas where I can solicit some likes?

    • hotspur says:

      I think you might as well go for the monsters likes. Once a monster, always a monster. Semper Fi Monstro.

      • Tracey says:

        The contest seemed winnable because the top entry was around 200 likes, but one guy has 900 now and they actually look like all fake accounts to me, so there’s no point in asking for likes if he’s just going to buy likes. Oh well.

        • hotspur says:

          That is like the eighth ring of Dante’s inferno, packed with people who buy likes on social media.

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