How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was great! I had a fun time day-tripping with friends on Saturday, and then a fun time doing nothing on Sunday.

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  1. hotspur says:

    Remember how my new refrigerator was so magical? (Meaning infested with roaches.) I got home Friday night to find another half-dozen of those little assholes wandering my kitchen. And the junkyard wasn’t going to pick it up till Monday? No way. I sent photos to my building manager, who immediately appeared and agreed it should be outside. But how??

    Here is the part where I proved I still have a little of the ol’ moxie. I walked around the corner to a Local Business and strolled in and poked around the secret areas until I spotted a handtruck. They seemed like the kind of outfit that would have one. Then, I strolled out with it. It didn’t seem smart to ask permission to borrow it, because that would give them a chance to say no. There was no reason to say no, so why let them make that mistake? The building manager was blown away that I produced a dolly “out of thin air,” and the heist made me feel young again.

    15 minutes later the fridge was down the stairs and outside. I wheeled the handtruck back and poured my building manager a drink. For the rest of the weekend? I cleaned the kitchen ultra thoroughly, even behind the oven. I wrote a little. I ate a fish. I hung out some more with the building manager — the fridge adventure bonded us, evidently. So that’s nice. Ultimately this weekend did its job: it cleared the air.

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