So, How Was Your Day?

THE SUN IS SHINING, you guys. I don’t even know how to handle it.

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5 Responses to So, How Was Your Day?

  1. collin0truckasaurus says:

    My day has been pretty good. I had a stomach bug yesterday and was in bed yesterday, but today I’m a little better. It’s my last day at work until Jan 2nd! Gonna do some relaxing and errands and get my car serviced!

  2. taoreader says:

    I’m sick and very displeased about it. Woke up at 6 with a terrible sore throat. I’ve felt weird for a couple days now do it makes sense.

    I had a scheduled call today that I forgot all about because sick. That’s fine, though, I love a cancelled call. Makes me feel suddenly free 🙂

    Anybody else watching Mrs. Maisel? I finished Season 2 and loved it.

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