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Docs for Monsters! Also, what did you have for lunch?

I’m baking a Blake’s gluten-free shepherd’s pie. There are some, I think, peas in it? So points for a vegetable, right? Here’s a list of the documentaries people brought up yesterday for easy looking-up purposes. I threw in a few … Continue reading

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Have you guys seen “Fyre” yet?

Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened is a Netflix documentary about the disastrous, so-called “elite,” so-called “exclusive” music festival in the Bahamas. The brainchild of entrepreneur Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule, the Fyre Festival was meant to promote … Continue reading

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How was your weekend, guys?

In a word: RAINY. And COLD. TWO WORDS. But kind of nice in that I didn’t leave my apartment once yesterday. Instead I watched IO on Netflix which I really, really liked. And wrote a little and played Dungeon Keeper … Continue reading

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Heard on the Street

It’s amazing the things I catch when I’m out and about or when I’m simply at home readingĀ  just about anything on the Interwebs. I love the absurd, the incomplete, the things we can’t quite make sense of, especially when … Continue reading

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TMTM Since 2014

Hello universe! We have lost our beloved Monster Mother, so we Monster Children must struggle to our feet and shuffle to the feed trough on our own. Don’t ask me what animal metaphor I’m going for there. Some alien pig/lamb-type … Continue reading

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Thanks for all the dancing, Monsters.

You may have seen this post coming, based on, uh, all the posts I keep forgetting. We’ve had a lovely run here on Homeless Monsters, but due to my own busy schedule and what I assume are yours as well, … Continue reading

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So, How Was Your Day?

It’s snowing, so I’m mad.

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