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Happy National Public Sleeping Day!

You learn something new every day, and today I learned that February 28 is National Public Sleeping Day. So take your lunch hour and find a bench, some grass, a subway car, a stretch of beach, a movie theatre, or … Continue reading

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A Relaxing Interlude for Your Wednesday

Life got you stressed out? Feel like you’re languishing in a lifeboat, dehydrated, your most annoying coworker your only company, and no rescue in sight?

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How Was Your Oscars Weekend?

Now that’s how you do the Oscars. First, Queen should open every Oscars ceremony from now on. I tuned in specifically to watch them and see if Adam Lambert can pull off being the lead singer. He can!

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It’s Oscar Weekend! Let’s Dance!

First: QUEEN IS OPENING THE OSCARS. I love this. I’m already taking guesses as to which song they’ll do. In my head I hear the opening a capella voices of “Fat-Bottomed Girls,” but just the name of the song will … Continue reading

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What’s for Lunch? How’s the Weather? And Book Club Update

This morning I drove from northern Virginia to Maryland in some bad snowy weather. I’m happy to be home enjoying a gluten free shepherd’s pie, sparkling water, and espresso. It’s just snow and ice here. Tomorrow it’s supposed to warm … Continue reading

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Happy Tuesday!

How was your (possibly) long weekend? I visited a friend for a few days. We hung out with our dogs, wrote a bit, and drank wine. And watched The Wife. Anybody else see that movie? I have thoughts, I tell … Continue reading

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Is Anyone Even Planning to Watch the Oscars? And it’s Friday for Dancing!

People really dislike the Academy’s decision to hand out several awards during commercial breaks: A host of Hollywood luminaries, including Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino and Rachel Morrison, the first woman to win the best cinematography Oscar, have signed an open … Continue reading

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So, Book Club Anyone?

So I thought I’d read the room about doing a Monster Book Club. Something like we read a book once a month and talk about it here! To begin, I’m thinking we read Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. It sounds … Continue reading

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Talkin’ About TV

So, who has seen Killing Eve? I’ve heard from a few people that it’s really good. I’ve been avoiding it because I’m weary from decades of watching women be murdered on TV, and the title puts me on guard. But … Continue reading

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Hey Guys, How Was Your Weekend?

A little of everything for me–rain, sun, writing, reading, dog-walking, video-watching.

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