Tuesday TV Talk: I Have Thoughts

Hello universe!

So much good stuff on TV right now. Please watch IO so I can talk about it here!

Last night I watched the rest of Russian Doll, and you guys, it’s so good. Funny and moving. I haven’t enjoyed a character as fun and complex as Nadia in maybe ever. Amy Poehler is one of the creators. Put this on your list, stat.

A beautiful, touching film titled The Child in Time is showing on Amazon Prime. It’s all about loss, and ultimately, hope. The unparalleled Benedict Cumberbatch stars with lovely Scottish actor Kelly Macdonald. I love the way she talks.

More obscure, but surprisingly lovely, is California Typewriter, a documentary about the history and resurgence of interest in the typewriter as an alternative to computer-based word processors. The film examines the beauty and process of making art, even the typewriter as art itself. Man, do I want a typewriter now. One of those little red Smith Coronas would be perfect. My birthday is in March!

This is the store featured in the documentary. When the movie begins, they don’t even have a web site.

I’m sorry, but it’s super-sunny in Florida today. Thank Thor.

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3 Responses to Tuesday TV Talk: I Have Thoughts

  1. Russian Doll is on my list and I’ll add OI. Have Season 1’s last episode of The Same Sky to watch tonight. Love the show. Our spy/hero’s handler creeps me out.

  2. Tracey says:

    I watched the first episode of Russian Doll last night. It has some funny moments but I wasn’t planning to watch any more of it. Were you captivated with the first episode or does it need to grow on you?

    I’m excited about the new season of MTV’s The Challenge starting tonight. This season is supposed to be a return to more intense challenges and competition. I’m enjoying Project Runway and Top Chef. I finally tried the first episode of Yellowstone and that was kind of a slog. IO looks good, I’ll give that a shot.

  3. hotspur says:

    Kelly Macdonald was one of my important crushes, 1999-2010. I haven’t seen her in anything recently, so I treasure only memories at this point? Then Amy Pond took over the Scottish Accent Crush Spot? But now it’s vacant again? My life is going super, thanks for the opportunity to say so.

    I will look into the typewriter doc. About once per year I dedicate 2-3 days to thinking about switching to a typewriter, because it will make me more focused and better and sharper, and then I decide it won’t. Maybe it will though! I’ll see what the doc tells me.

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