Happy National Public Sleeping Day!

You learn something new every day, and today I learned that February 28 is National Public Sleeping Day. So take your lunch hour and find a bench, some grass, a subway car, a stretch of beach, a movie theatre, or a nice spot under a bridge.

If you can’t sleep, scroll through this Very Important List of Celebrities Sleeping for inspiration. Enjoy the Zzzzzzs.

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Writer and Editor. Pianist and singer. Feminist and proponent of Jean-Claude Van Damme movies. I don't get it either. I wish I could have dinner with Marie Curie.
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2 Responses to Happy National Public Sleeping Day!

  1. Tracey says:

    This will come in handy since I only slept four hours last night! That Franco pic is a classic.

  2. hotspur says:

    I lolled at the Chelsea Handler one. Ah, to work with comedians. You cannot turn your back.

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