What’s the Deal With Pete Davidson?

At a basketball game. Do people make out at basketball games now, like in movie theatres? Seems like way too much light.

Can someone please asplain this to me?

Look, Pete Davidson deserves love like everybody else. What I don’t get is the ladies who hook up with him so quickly, most recently Kate Beckinsale. Is it ’cause he’s funny? Likeable? Is he really smart or kind or generous? A good listener?

The thing is, it has been only about six weeks since he tweeted out a suicidal message, and this not long after being engaged to/breaking up with Ariana Grande. 

It seems he’s not in the most stable place right now. That’s okay, he’s getting help, but maybe he doesn’t need to be in a relationship at the moment?

He’s also twenty years younger than Beckinsale, but that seems to be her thing. Her two most recent boyfriends have been about the same age as Davidson. Is that a healthy pattern? I don’t know.

I just want to know what these beautiful, talented women are going for here. Please explain!


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2 Responses to What’s the Deal With Pete Davidson?

  1. Tracey says:

    Can we use this as an opportunity to talk about Kate’s new Amazon show, The Widow? It’s kind of a mystery/thriller. I have mixed feelings about it because I definitely liked it and burned through all 8 episodes in a week, but I’m not quite willing to tell everyone they have to go watch it right now. The reason for that is simply that I don’t think very deeply about things, I just go along for the ride, so I’m afraid that people are going to have legitimate criticisms about race and culture and possibly plot holes. I will say that you should check out the first episode and if you like it, keep going!

    • taoreader says:

      I’ve heard of it but somehow didn’t realize she was in it! I’ll definitely check it out.

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