Early Eurovision? Early Eurovision!



We’ve got two months to go till the most wonderful time of the year, but all of our runners and riders are IN! So let’s have a little preview of some of the delights you will have coming your way at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, which in May 2019 will be hosted by Tel Aviv in Israel.

First up – you will NOT be listening to the musical stylings of Ukraine, as their chosen performer Maruv did not agree to the ts and cs of the contract they offered her. Putting it simply, they didn’t want her to perform in Russia, and she did. Pity, because it’s not a bad tune. Nor will you be listening to Bulgaria, they’re out as well, due to financial difficulties.

So who should you be keeping an ear out for?

Let’s start with Cyprus. They finished second last year, and with that in mind, have decided to go ALL IN this year, here’s Tamta with Replay:

Permit me a spot of bias, as I know you kindly do every year, but I think Tamta’s bloody great, and I also think Greece has played an absolute blinder with Katerine Duska’s song this year:

I’ve had this on replay more than Tamta’s song which is actually CALLED Replay. Get your head round THAT.

Talking of great comebacks, Russia did not qualify for last year’s final. We knew they’d come back strongly, and they have, sending former runner-up Sergey Lazarev with Scream:

This one will be all in the staging, and it’s got to be a contender.

A lot’s being said about France. Here’s Bilal Hassani, with Roi:

France has been quietly building on its recent success, year on year, I think they have a really great understanding of the modern contest, and I’d not bet against this.

And finally – see what you make of a totally different sound, from Czech Republic:

So that’s a handful of the 41 songs set to compete in Tel Aviv. Even though I was probably a bit slow to get into things this year, I am, of course, besotted again. There are a lot of other interesting tunes for you to listen to, but we must keep our excitement levels under control – we’ve still got two months to go and we wouldn’t want to burn out too early, would we…

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7 Responses to Early Eurovision? Early Eurovision!

  1. taoreader says:

    Never to early for Eurovision! It’s like New Year’s; I can’t believe it came around again so soon.

    I like that Czech band. And the French one is kinda nifty too. What do you think of the UK’s chances this year?

    • gnidrah says:

      Us, every year: “hmmm I dunno, this isn’t looking like a vintage year”

      Also us, every year: “omgomgomg EURO”

      The Czech entry really struck me when I first heard it, but putting it in a line-up with the other stuff, I think it may suffer, sad to say. It will be in the first semi-final, alongside Greece and Cyprus but missing a few big hitters, so I think it should qualify though.

      Italy is another one getting a lot of attention. I’ll be interested to see how it gets on.

      I completely forgot to add Australia here, and I meant to, because that is VERY divisive. My feeling is it’s just a mess, and not a hot one, but a glance at the YouTube comments suggests I am in a minority.

      As for the UK. Well, I think we have a good performer in Michael Rice. He can sing and he has good stage presence. The song has actually stayed in my head. I think mid-table is the best he can hope for though, I’m afraid. At our national selection, Surie from last year did a really cool stripped-back version of Storm, and we all just though, “oh jeez, why didn’t she do it like that in 2018?!” I hope we won’t be looking back on last year and thinking it was a golden age, but I fear we may!!

      • taoreader says:

        I just watched Australia’s winner (Zero Gravity) and thought it’s nice to hear a really good trained voice, but the staging isn’t particularly original. And some of the comments are like, “Electric Fields was robbed!” so I went and watched that, and I think maybe it was robbed. Super fun song. But the performances are so different it’s hard to tell.

        • taoreader says:

          And haven’t we seen the “really tall giant dress” thing before? It rings a bell but I can’t remember why.

        • gnidrah says:

          Yeah I think her dress is quite similar to the Estonia girl last year? I was really hoping for Courtney Act to win for the Aussies!

  2. Tracey says:

    Eurovision tends to go unnoticed by most Americans I know, but for some reason it is truly beloved among the friends I have who love tennis and soccer (football), so I wonder if there’s a reason for that. More cosmopolitan tastes, or something. Anyhow, I wouldn’t know a thing about it if not for your explainers.

    • gnidrah says:

      🙂 🙂 So proud.

      They have started showing on one US channel I think? Whichever shows Drag Race. I think.

      If I’ve learned one thing in following Euro over the years, it’s that every time you think you’ve nailed down who loves it/who doesn’t love it, what will win/what won’t win, etc, you find out something that totally turns things on their head. THAT SAID, certainly through all the people I have ever met at the various ones I’ve been to, everyone shares the same mindset, which is most definitely cosmopolitan, and very open.

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