How is your day?

dandelionWhat’s everyone up to today and what are you eating for lunch? I’m working from home but the construction across the street is SO LOUD. It never ends. One construction site finally finishes then the next day they start tearing down the house next door. It’s been years of it at this point. So I’m a little cranky today! But I did about 4 hours of work last night to get ahead on what I need to do today, so I might get out of the house for a bit. Any excitement in your life? Anything to complain about?

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2 Responses to How is your day?

  1. hotspur says:

    Yesterday I was suddenly thinking about two friends I haven’t seen or heard from in five years because they moved to Denmark, and I was feeling bummed about that, wishing I could see them again… and this morning they emailed to say they’ll be in town next week!!! Crazy coincidence — or FINAL PROOF THAT ESP, GHOSTS, AND UFOS ARE REAL???

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