How was your weekend?


Here we are, once again. Monday. What did everyone do this weekend? I went to a party, which doesn’t happen too often these days. It was nice and close so I hailed a ride via phone app (I’m not giving free product placement without some sponsorship dough). The party was on a rooftop deck with ping pong and mini putt, there was more booze than we could have gone through in three parties, and a nice food spread. Sunday I painted a wall in my living room with the intention of having an accent wall. The only problem is that the color is too light to “accent” anything so I don’t know what to do. It seemed darker as a paint sample!

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4 Responses to How was your weekend?

  1. taoreader says:

    I’m in Virginia for a writer’s retreat and driving back tomorrow. I got like 10,000 words this week which is a lot for me. Writing is hard, you guys!

  2. taoreader says:

    Tracey, what color are you going for on your wall?

  3. hotspur says:

    Saturday I saw friends (humble brag), and then Sunday I went to the hospital to visit the friend who’s stuck there for weeks and weeks. I planned to pop in for an hour, but then realized I had no commitments for later, so — why not — I stayed three hours. Don’t get impressed with what a great person I am, though; actually I’m a forgetful person, because when I got home I remembered I had a ton of things I needed to do. So I immediately went into a tailspin and just played video games.

    However, before leaving Pasadena (he got transferred to a Pasadena hospital), I walked around to look for an old building I used to work in, and the shady coffee shop next door where I first heard The Raveonettes, and the single-screen movie theater around the corner… Let me tell you, Pasadena has CHANGED since 2004. I guess 15 years is a long time? When you think about the changes from 1995 to 2010, they are pretty big, right? And 1955-1970, and 1975-1990… Those all sound like long eras packed with change. So why doesn’t 2004-2019 sound like a long time packed with change? And yet, that shady coffee shop is now a family brunch restaurant. The future suxx butz.

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