Fall TV + Other Happenings

I was so excited for Nancy Drew but the first episode threw a bucket of cold water on my expectations. The CW version of Nancy Drew is basically Veronica Mars with supernatural elements. I like Veronica Mars, but we don’t need two of her! I’m not super happy with this moody, loner, snarky Nancy. I’ve got some other thoughts on fall shows after the break, and let’s chat about our weekends!

The Unicorn, a sitcom about Walton Goggins dating after his wife dies, is okay. He’s great but everyone on the show is overacting and hamming it up. Although there have been some nice moments of support and friendship which I really like in a show.

I’m really enjoying Stumptown, the Cobie Smulders vet-turned-PI show with Jake Johnson as her sidekick. Jake did an interesting interview about why turned down leading roles to be a supporting character on a female-led show.

Emergence is this year’s weird ABC mystery drama. I think the network is contractually obligated to attempt a new version of Lost every year, and I always watch them even though they inevitably last just one season.

What I’m really looking forward to is some of the Apple TV shows coming out in November, and I plan to check out Treadstone, the Bourne show that starts tomorrow. Otherwise my TV backlog currently consists of new seasons of returning shows. I really need a free weekend to get through the new seasons of Goliath and Riviera.

What are you watching? Any new shows caught your fancy? And how was your weekend???

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7 Responses to Fall TV + Other Happenings

  1. Tracey says:

    I forgot to mention a show I really enjoyed called The Capture! It was a 6-episode miniseries on the BBC about deepfake videos. Don’t read anything about it, just watch the first episode. Basically if you liked The Bodyguard, you will like this (possibly more so because it doesn’t have the dumb sex angle that derailed The Bodyguard).

  2. hotspur says:

    I read a few Hardy Boys books in 5th grade and I was like, “I think I am too old for these.” It wasn’t the stories so much as it was the writing. People never “said” things, they “chimed in,” and the supporting characters were named Biff and Chet, which by the early ’80s was straight insane. I always figured Nancy Drew was The Same But For Girls. Although I will say this: the brightest spot of all the HB books I read was a cross-over moment, where ND popped in to track down one of their clues. As I recall, it went something like this…

    “Boys, I went to the pier like you asked, to see if Mr. Norton was around,” Nancy informed them. “I was going to ask him about the crumpled envelope. But he wasn’t around. Then I noticed something funny. A boat out at sea.”
    “Was it Mr. Norton’s boat?” Joe inquired.
    “It was, but strangely, there was someone else at the wheel. And he was headed for the pier!”
    “I hope you left right away,” cautioned Frank.
    “I could hardly do that, with so much at stake!” Nancy frowned. “I had to know who was at the wheel. So I hid in a crate. I could just peek out as the boat docked.”
    “Holy smokes!” exclaimed Chet.
    “Crackerjack!” interjected Biff.
    “Nancy, that was very dangerous of you,” chided Frank. “You should never do things like that.”
    “But what did you see?” Joe asked excitedly.
    “I didn’t see his face,” Nancy answered thoughtfully. “But he was wearing a red scarf.”
    “Good old Nancy!” praised Frank. “Now we have an identifying mark to look for!”
    When she was on the case, she found clues. But both Frank and Joe were angry that she had taken a dangerous risk. What if the Red Scarf Man was mixed up in the disappearance of the Widow Cassidy’s chest of gold bricks? He might have kidnapped Nancy to cover his tracks.

    Or whatever the fuck the case was. They were never after serial killers or anything, in the few I read. Anyway what I meant to ask was, in the ND books, was there a supernatural element? Like Nancy Drew and the Phantasmal Staircase to Satan’s Eye or what-have-you? Or was it usually just theft or maybe somebody left the scene of a weird car crash. There were never ghosts on the loose in Hardytown, iirc.

    • hotspur says:

      Okay I am now in a rabbit hole and there was tons of supernatural stuff I just did not remember. Maybe not in the very old-timety books, but in the ones written in the 70s and in the Sean Cassidy show that I loved (sample episode: “The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula: Part 1”), please do no ask how old I am it is terrifying.

    • Tracey says:

      This is a work of art! 10 out of 10 would read the whole novel! I didn’t remember the original Nancy Drew having supernatural stuff, I would have thought all the spooky stuff had a scientific explanation, but who knows!

  3. welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

    The mere mention of Veronica Mars has me sort of curious to check out Nancy Drew, but the supernatural element makes me much less interested.

    I’ve been watching Unbelievable on Netflix. It’s ok. A little slow, but a well made show. I think I only have one episode left.

    I will probably watch El Camino (the Breaking bad movie) at some point. I binged all of Breaking Bad in about 2 months, years ago. I remember thinking it was a good show, but I don’t really remember much about it, so I’m not very excited about the movie.

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