I have a heart full of love

I am madly in love with baby Yoda to the point that I’m ruining my poor boyfriend’s viewing experience because I keep losing my shit when this adorable creature comes on screen. I’m really enjoying The Mandalorian and I’m totally obsessed with the Reese Witherspoon/Jennifer Aniston Apple TV offering, The Morning Show. Furthermore, Terminator Dark Fate is INCREDIBLE and I’m mad that more people aren’t talking about it! It’s a fun action flick with bad ass women kicking ass, and Linda Hamilton is perfection.

What are you guys up to this week? I’ve come down with a bad cold so please share any cold remedies because I leave for Argentina in exactly one week and I gotta get better! How was your weekend? What movies and shows do you love right now?

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8 Responses to I have a heart full of love

  1. Tracey says:

    What’s everyone doing for Thanksgiving next week?

    • hotspur says:

      Still not sure! Usually I cohost up north, but this year that looks like it is not going to be possible. So I might be inviting myself to a friendsgiving in the valley. Then my plan is get back in shape. I have really swollen this fall.

  2. Tracey says:

    Hi everyone! I’m in Argentina! I arrived in Buenos Aires off a 12-hour flight now I have four hours until my flight to the northwest. I am pretty tired but ready for adventure. What’s everyone up to this week? Please tell me you all get Friday off.

    • welcometocostcoiloveyou says:

      So exciting!! Have fun and safe travels!

      I do have Friday off, AND our office closes a couple hours early on Wednesday. Not as exciting as Argentina, but still good 🙂

      Other than Thanksgiving on Thursday, I don’t think I have any other big plans. A little relaxing, a little socializing, and a little bit being productive would make for a pretty great weekend. Us is now on HBO, so I hope to finally see that movie. I wish I had Prime because Brittany Runs a Marathon is on there now, and I would also like to watch that.

      • Sergeant Tibbs says:

        I really liked Brittany runs a marathon but it was also kind of a tough watch. Home watching sounds ideal for it. Let us know what you think!

    • Sergeant Tibbs says:

      Looking forward to hearing about your trip! What did you decide to do? I picture cattle wrangling. I don’t know if that’s very incorrect?

      I’m working outside the country for a bit and spent thanksgiving at the embassy! What an interesting place to have thanksgiving. I’ve had it before outside of the us and even though it’s my favorite holiday, I don’t usually really miss it. But being surrounded by lots of other Americans made me miss home and family thanksgiving more. They served turkey, ham, stuffing (thank god), buttered carrots, and a very spicy veggie lasagna. And no mashed potatoes! The next day at lunch though, they served mashed potatoes so it makes me think someone forgot it in a cupboard and discovered it the next morning.

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