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Hey monsters have you heard the news? Scott Lapatine, founder and EIC of Stereogum, announced on Twitter that he bought the site back. Many of us responded something to the effect of “bring back Videogum, you cowards!” and he liked my tweet, so I can only assume this is in the works! Scott told Billboard that later this year “a robust new user experience will be sure to delight and infuriate Stereogum’s dedicated commentariat in equal measure.” So what else is happening? How are the New Year’s resolutions holding up?

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10 Responses to Monster Mash

  1. hotspur says:

    Scott bought the site?? THE PERFECT CRIME.

    I wonder if there is still some magic in that old silk hat. I’ll show up if anyone puts it on their head. I will begin to dance around.

    My resolution to eat less is going gangbusters. Intermittently successful: My concurrent resolution to exercise. If this pattern holds, I will end up lighter but still in shit shape.

    I watched a couple of recent movies over the weekend. The Lighthouse and Us. Neither was what I expected. Both are what I would call very good movies you don’t (especially Lighthouse) immediately recommend to your parents.

  2. Sergeant Tibbs says:

    I hope Gabe has moved on to many better things (and I know Kelly has because I still read her articles!) but I would love to see videogum again. It’s hard to find a place with that specific humor. Although! I was watching medical police on Netflix and saw that an episode is written by Max Silvestri! A blog friend all grown up. (Also I’ve been watching Jack Ryan and it understands Ebola outbreaks about as well as Medical Police and that is definitely my attempt at a cutting review for Jack Ryan.)

    I didn’t make any resolutions but I am continuing to apply to random jobs all over the country, which is a thing one could definitely do. I did finally fulfill a life resolution to start a fire in my fireplace this weekend. It was so beautiful and perfect for the -10 weather we’ve been having the past few weeks. I’m adding fireplace to my dream house, in addition to a secret hidden in the wall and a Swedish drying room.

    I saw knives out. I’d recommend it to my family! I heard exactly the same review for the lighthouse and I definitely won’t be taking my family.

    How are we feeling about Brad and Jen? Are these crazy kids going to make it?

    • Tracey says:

      Good luck with the job search! Although why would you want to leave -10 degree weather? Seriously though it’s in the 50s here and I have to use an electric blanket at night. How do you deal with the extreme cold?

      A podcast I listen to was talking about why would people root for Brad and Jen to be together because it’s weird that we’re all so invested in this. For me I think it’s not about them getting together, it’s about her getting the ultimate revenge, like who wouldn’t want the men (or women) who wronged us to realize they made a huge mistake in letting us go? That being said I just want Jen to be happy so whatever does that is fine with me. Also I loved The Morning Show so I’m glad she won an award for it.

      • Sergeant Tibbs says:

        I think anyone can acclimate to the cold weather eventually. I’ve definitely been in climates where 50 was cold and I was all bundled up to handle it. But we just gradually got colder and colder. One thing I’m doing is enjoying my inside time a lot now, reading, tv, and being cozy. This is almost an unheard of response in extreme outdoorsy Alaska. I finally attempted a run when it warmed up to -2 and thought my nose might get frostbite!

        I also find the Brad and Jen thing so interesting based on our response to it, not their actual relationship. I think image is everything here. It seems like a reunion would really only do something for Brad, but what would Jen gain here other than bolstering an image that I’m sure no one wants, pining away for an ex who did you wrong. At least that’s the conversation I imagine their PR is having!

        Is Apple TV worth it? I’m having trouble keeping up with all the streaming options and have stuck with the original three, Netflix, Hulu, and prime.

        • Tracey says:

          I personally would not recommend Apple TV. I did the free trial just to watch the Morning Show. I watched the first episode of a few other shows and didn’t care enough to watch more. Basically I recommend doing the free trial just for the Morning Show.

          The only streaming service I pay for is CBS All Access because I watch enough CBS to justify it. Feeling pretty smug now that Picard is starting!

  3. Tracey says:

    This image makes me laugh every time I see it. Even though I made it, I keep coming here and thinking “oh haha that’s totally me” as if I just happened to scroll by it on Twitter. Anyhow I might leave this post up next week just because I like it so much.

    • Sergeant Tibbs says:

      It’s very clever! Also it reminds of classic Gabe/videogum header images so very good job!

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