What’s your safe place?

We’ve tended to use this little blog as a place to escape the bad news in the world, and I really value that about this community. I love keeping up with people’s lives here and I hope that those of us still coming here will continue to do so! Since so many things are being canceled or postponed (like the Pearl Jam tour this spring), what kind of non-crowd activities will you use to fill your time?

I’m glad that Pearl Jam canceled because I didn’t want to make the tough decision of putting myself at risk or giving up $400 in tickets. I’m really looking forward to the new album being released on March 27, Gigaton. Feel free to complain about disappointments or share victories in the comments! Also, please please share any funny gifs or memes you come across.

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  1. Tracey says:


  2. Sergeant Tibbs says:

    Thank you for this! I enjoy hearing everyone’s activities each week and it’s a quiet space away from the panic and loud noises. I didn’t get to comment on the bachelor post but his life force IS getting sucked out of him (I blame it on him and his decisions completely). No 20 something year old should look that tired. I hope he chooses himself in the end because all those remaining ladies are crazy.

    I’m currently abroad for work and my mom said, “what if you get quarantined when you come back?!” And I immediately responded, “read.” Obvi. Sounds perfect. And I’m looking forward to Elite returning to Netflix tomorrow, so that too.

    Finally, victory and a nightmare in short succession: I saw a stork for the first time! What I didn’t realize is there are different types of storks and the one I saw is a nightmare to look at. The stuff that haunts dreams. It’s like a cross between a turkey vulture and a stork with a huge disgusting pink throat sac and a slightly wispy bald head. I just. Why?? I still don’t know how to post pictures so please google marabou stork at your own risk. But then! I also saw a hippo and I wasn’t even expecting it. It came out of the water suddenly and then proceeded to swim peacefully to and fro for an hour, twitching its tiny ears as it went. I imagined it was wearing a ruffled tutu underwater, just like in Fantasia.

    • Tracey says:

      Ooh tell us more about Elite, that sounds intriguing.

      I googled the stork and it is very creepy! The hippo sounds magical. As a city dweller, I get unreasonably excited about encountering non-domestic animals. I hope you’re having fun wherever you are! If you like to read light mystery novels, I heartily recommend Sue Grafton’s alphabet series, I enjoy them so much.

  3. gnidrah says:

    I went out into the city today! #nofear (making the most till I get told I have to stay home, anyway)

    We supported Chinatown by eating there, and we also went to an exhibition, and to a very “fashion” place for a coffee, which was very funny.

    It was good to get out, even though a man would NOT stop talking to me on the underground (“why are you wearing gloves?” “My hands are cold” “Oh, I thought you were afraid” “NO BUT EVEN IF I WAS, LEAVE MY HAND COVERING CHOICE ALONE”) Of course now it looks more likely than ever that my work in May is going to be cancelled, and so I suppose that’s my “cancelled” story – because remember, and I know you all do, that all of these events, even though we understand 100% the very sensible reason for the cancellation, there are a LOT of livelihoods behind them! And we want them to take place because we enjoy entertaining people!

    My safe place is going to have to be my little flat, and just hope that the internet keeps running 😉 I’ve got some books still from Christmas that I haven’t read yet – and I might rewatch The Trial of Christine Keeler, if you can find that online at all – it’s about a very interesting/specific piece of British history and it’s a wonderful telling of the story.

  4. hotspur says:

    I started working from home (“WFH” in the lingo) on Thursday and I thought I might hate it? I love it. I do all kinds of things in between work tasks, so activities that used to be all I got done in a day’s free time (hang a picture, laundry) are now just *one* thing I get done in a day. Then 5:00 shows up and I still feel as energetic as 1:30, with no 70-minute drive to face.

    I’ve got food in here for 4 weeks (although I’m out of Benedictine, so, that’s a monumental problem), I’ve got about 150 unwatched DVDs, I’ve got a ton of unread books… this is the crisis I was born to handle. Provided I don’t get actually sick. I hate being sick.

    • gnidrah says:

      OK but talk me through the food thing, because I keep eating my stockpile?!

      • hotspur says:

        This is as close as we will ever get (knock on wood) to a zombie outbreak or The Stand, so I’m trying to think of it as an exciting vision of how I’d do as a Stephen King character. Plus, funnily enough, a little before the apocalypse, I started using a calorie tracking app on my phone. It really helps police the munchies.

        That said, for about 45 minutes yesterday I paced wildly because I wanted a snack I would not allow myself to have. This is our Nine-Eleven/Antietam/Dunkirk/Thermopylae/Hanukkah.

  5. mordonez says:

    For the last few years, my (work from home) job really hasn’t been all that difficult, and hasn’t required a ton of effort – my company makes websites for a LOT of school districts,and I manage tech support reps for em.

    You’re way ahead of me, aren’t you.

    Yes, the servers are melting a little as districts try to do just NUTTY things with no warning. Oh sure, you have 250k kids – send everyone to the website with no warning, to watch a live webcast, which is clearly an eventuality we’ve planned for.

    Anyway, work has been filling up a ton of my time, but my wife and I have also been trying to figure out what on earth season 2 of Westworld was on about , so we can watch season 3.

    I also ordered a very promising looking online Jazz Piano course from a guy who’s YouTubes are really great, because they had a pay what you can sale. Also, looks like people still need books, so I might hang on to a bookstore shift or two, although store hours have changed and I can no longer work weeknights–the store closes two and a half hours after I can get there, so that won’t be a real shift anyone ever schedules. Maybe some weekends, eh? I’ve been doing that for 25 years, so let’s hear it for Barnes and Noble remaining a going concern.

    Anyway, I’ve been away, but I just saw a sad news story about the fate of Eurovision 2020, which some of you folks like, and that brought me back. Howdy!

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