End Times Playlist #2

Welcome to the second End Times Playlist!

Hopefully you enjoyed the first one.

Here are five more tunes to get you through these strange, unprecedented days. Obviously a lot more has been cancelled, Eurovision amongst other things, and then as of today, the UK government has ordered all cafes, bars, restaurants, theatres, clubs and gyms to close. That’s to go along with schools and a lot of the public transport network. I’m working, two-thirds from home, but it’s not possible to escape the feeling that the worst may be yet to come.

Firstly, one to describe me, currently – Frail State of Mind by The 1975.

One that I’m really enjoying at the moment – it’s Doja Cat! She gives good Twitter game. And this is Say So:

I also really like this one from L Devine – its title also apt for the situation I currently find myself in:

One more new one for you – bloody love this and it really deserves more listens:

And finally, a classic – yes, it’s Wax, with Bridge to Your Heart:

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2 Responses to End Times Playlist #2

  1. hotspur says:

    Hey, thanks for Say So and Boring People in particular, I never heard these before and I dug em. And dayum, that Doja Cat’s got curves…

    It hit me pretty hard when I read Eurovision got canceled. I had something at stake this year, for the first time ever, because of how all-in I was on Iceland. Couldn’t they have held the contest anyway? People vote online, right? For the studio audience they could have just used androids or roombas or a shared illusion. #ReykjavikWasRobbed

    • gnidrah says:

      You’re welcome! Yeah I really like those songs too. L Devine was meant to be touring around about now, think at least the delay might mean I can catch her show.

      Ahhh Euro, who knows? It was in theory possible to do each act individually via local video link, but there were two semi-finals, plus I guess they worried about gatherings to watch in pubs etc… I think it just became too much to deal with. Today they announced that this year’s announced songs cannot be entered in 2021 as well! You can still send the same artist, but it’ll have to be with a different track! This. Never. Ends.

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