Walking into 2021 like…

Happy New Year! We made it! Obviously we’re starting the year with all of the bad stuff from last year, but there is cause for hope that we will soon emerge from this difficult time. And until then, we have cute animal videos.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? I’d like to eat less sugar and kick my jelly bean addiction, but it’s so hard to give up something I enjoy because… well, look around. I’m also trying to save as much as possible for potential unemployment looming around the corner, so I’m constantly talking myself out of buying things that I really don’t need. There are so many sales!

Does anyone have TV or movies to recommend? We got Apple TV just for a month or two to go through the shows, and I LOVE Ted Lasso. I think it’s worth the $5 just to watch this feel-good comedy with lots of heart. Tehran, reminiscent of Homeland, is also compelling even though the characters make dumb choices.

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3 Responses to Walking into 2021 like…

  1. gnidrah says:

    Happy new year! I can and will keep saying it till February!

    I am lucky to be working right now, but of course, the alternative is always looming, so I feel for you, and I am saving too. But I must tell you something that my therapist and I talked about a bit last year – if there is a little tiny thing that makes your life a bit better right now, then actually maybe spending that money is worth it. So for me that was £2.50 on a coffee. Or £4 on an online class. And so it goes. If for you it is jelly beans, then I say buy the jelly beans!

    As for TV, two recommendations:

    1) The Serpent, think it’s on Netflix for non-BBC-havers. You’ve probably heard about it – true crime dramatisation – it’s glossy, horrible, and a couple of episodes are so tense I had to take a week off watching, but it’s very good.

    2) It’s A Sin. This only started here last week, though all episodes are already online, but I think not totally globally available yet. I am sure that it will be though. I don’t believe I will watch a better TV show this year. IT’S THAT GOOD. Set in 1980s Britain, when HIV/AIDS was just starting to rear its head here, it’s about a group of friends and the impact that disease will have on them. I can’t say more because I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s funny, emotional, warm, sad… just watch it if you can.

    • gnidrah says:

      I should say – I planned to only watch episode one of It’s A Sin, but I watched all five in one go (which I rarely do) and I was a MESS at the end.

    • Tracey says:

      Ooh those both look interesting!

      We just finished For All Mankind on Apple, it’s an alternate history of the space race. It starts out slow but ends up being so damn good. The second season starts next month.

      I agree about buying things sometimes for the emotional boost! I like to stalk things for a few weeks to get a good sale price.

      Congratulations on your current employment! Are you enjoying it?

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