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Tao Kind of Sails to Bermuda: A Tourism for Weirdos Adventure in Three Parts

PART I: ALL ABOARD Bermuda: land of pink sand, crystalline aqua water, coral reefs, and a fish called wahoo. I’m glad I’ve been there before, because the two days we were in port at King’s Wharf, aboard Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur … Continue reading

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Tourism for Weirdos: The History Museum and Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, IN

Earlier this week I was in South Bend, Indiana, for a one-day conference, and I decided to take the opportunity and hit up a local attraction. Now, I am not a big fan of football or creepy, overly-muscular Irish guys, … Continue reading

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Tourism for Weirdos: The Wild, Wild West (of England)

Can it really be called tourism, when it’s your home town / region? Probably not, but I was showing around friends who’d never visited before, which often forces you to see a place through an outsider’s eyes. Those of you … Continue reading

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Tourism For Weirdos: The Sundance Film Festival Day One

Hello everybody! How are you doing? Ha ha just kidding I know we’re all doing terrible because everything sucks right now. But in the midst of the nightmare engulfing our country day by day, the Sundance Film Festival is going … Continue reading

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So, How Was Your Day?/Tourism For Weirdos, NYC: Hamilton Edition

Instead of telling you about my day, which was boring but fine, I’m going to tell you about my vacation, which was obviously a lot more interesting (still tell me about your day in the comments!). I went to NYC … Continue reading

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Tourism for Weirdos: Archival Adventures

Hi!  I feel like I haven’t posted in FOREVER!  How are you?  Have you lost weight?  What’s gonna be your song of the summer?  I don’t even know, because I’ve been trapped in the archive since March!

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Tourism for Weirdos: Bath School Disaster Site

This is a very sorrowful Tourism for Weirdos. Be warned. Guys, do you go to Atlas Obscura? I kind of assumed everyone did and followed it on all social media like me, and used it for finding fun day trips … Continue reading

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Tourism for Weirdos: Midwest Miniatures Museum

The Midwest Miniatures Museum is the perfect place for weirdos to go on a lovely summer Sunday. If you go, be forewarned that you might be literally the only person besides the guide in the entire building, and also call … Continue reading

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Tourism for Weirdos: Green Gables

This past weekend I was lucky enough to find myself on the enchanted  Isle of Prince Edward. Home of red beaches, picturesque lighthouses, potatoes, men who sing about potatoes, and of course our collective bosom friend, Anne Shirley. I braided my hair … Continue reading

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Tourism For Weirdos: The Beach

Before I headed off to our nation’s capital this past weekend, I was informed that there was an interesting new exhibit at the National Building Museum.  I had been there before.  It’s a decent museum, but it’s always been kind of … Continue reading

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