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Could I BE having anymore birthdays?!

Today is my birthday! As I was looking for birthday gif for this birthday post I found myself in the Chandler Bing section. Somehow every single gif seems to apply to me. There are so many ways that Chandler Bing and I are … Continue reading

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Burn, baby, burn

6.000 matches lit from a single flame. I am going to nominate this mesmerizing and soothing video to replace the yulelog video my Dad likes to put on the tv during the holidays. It’s basically the same thing.

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Demo At Its Finest


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Ghostbusters Trailer is here!

I think this looks so fun! Can’t wait to break out last year’s Venkman Halloween costume to wear to the theater. Now, let’s have a good old fashioned movie chat here. What other movies are you looking forward to? Any awesome … Continue reading

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A Case for Handwriting

I feel both insecure about my handwriting and inspired to take a calligraphy class after watching this video.

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Happy Cloud!

Remember wayyyyy back forever ago FRQ posted this fantastic video of a cloud sculpture for us to enjoy? I even commented that I wanted that in my life! Well the ghosts of this website must have granted my wish, because the cloud sculpture … Continue reading

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Zen Baby Zen

Just in case you thought the E*Trade baby was the only digitally enhanced speaking child to freak you out.

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Oops I fell over!

This kind of thing wouldn’t have happened on the Back to the Future 2015 real hoverboards. When will we be getting those?

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Felines of New York

Since it’s launch, viewers have been captivated by photographer Brandon Stanton’s site Humans of New York. It’s an interesting and inspiring look into the personal lives of New Yorkers. Since it’s popularity boom, lookalike sites have popped up in cities … Continue reading

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A couple summers ago my friends would play a game at our cabin called Mystery Shot. Shots would be poured for everyone, and based on what number you drew, that was the shot you had to take. Some of them were normal things … Continue reading

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