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Wonder Dog

A lot of people nowadays (mostly me) like to spend their days pointing at modern pop culture and yelling “egregious!”, pining for the halcyon days of whenever, as if nothing embarrassing ever happened before Gangland Style. But the truth is … Continue reading

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Hey, What’s Up With The Not Topher Graces?

I considered writing up a lengthy and verbose thinkpiece regarding this issue, but then I felt that: “In this modern democratic society it is better for the people to speak together”- some old president guy, probably. I also felt that: … Continue reading

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The Mysteries of History

As educated adults, we are all aware of the Titanic’s voyage and roughly what happened. James Cameron tried his best to give us a deeper insight in his blockbuster version of the tale, however even he missed out on several … Continue reading

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This Is Just An Incoming Transmission

Hey everyone. How are you? OK ENOUGH FORMALITIES. Six years ago I found this site called Videogum and it was terrific. Unfortunately I was not so terrific at that time. Have you ever heard of a Scrinch? It is a … Continue reading

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