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The Newsroom Continues To Exist

Over the last one hundred years, humanity has proven itself to be nature’s most ruthlessly inadvertent killer of things that probably shouldn’t be killed. Thanks to short-term thinking, in all its infinitely destructive iterations, everything that has ever existed is essentially fucked forever. Corporate financial … Continue reading

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Let’s Fix Mulaney, As A Family

John Mulaney’s New in Town is on my stand-up special Mount Rushmore, so it’s a point of some personal interest that the comedian’s new sitcom, Mulaney, makes me want to throw myself off of Mount Rushmore into a pit of venomous snakes. … Continue reading

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How Bad Is/Are The Leftovers

I stopped watching The Leftovers twenty minutes into its second episode, finding myself simply unable to process how bad the show actually is. Considering that I’ve watched every episode of The Newsroom, this is no small accomplishment. (Congratulations, Damon Lindelof, you’ve done it again.) … Continue reading

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Mad Men Mid-Season Finale Open Thread

The mid-season finale of Mad Men‘s pointlessly halved seventh season aired on Sunday, inaugurating an equally pointless ten-month hiatus before the seven final episodes air in 2015. 2015! Do the iris-mounted GooCals on our Google Glasses even know what 2015 … Continue reading

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Checking In On Sports

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the sports we check in on. This week was one of the sportiest in recent memory, sports-heads. Just like a ton of sports happening and a ton of athletes competing. And though no … Continue reading

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Checking In On Sports

Lace your foot cleats up tight, Homeless Monsters, because it’s time to check in on sports. Is this long overdue, or is this long overdue? Alley oop/slam dunk/who cares! I believe I speak for all sports-heads when I say, “There … Continue reading

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Are You Watching Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge Yet?

When it comes to reality shows about competitive Muppet Making,  Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge stands head and shoulders above the rest. The show, which airs Tuesdays at 9 PM on Syfy, like you have anything better to do, pits ten … Continue reading

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