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Fall TV + Other Happenings

I was so excited for Nancy Drew but the first episode threw a bucket of cold water on my expectations. The CW version of Nancy Drew is basically Veronica Mars with supernatural elements. I like Veronica Mars, but we don’t … Continue reading

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Spooktober Is Here!

Welcome to Spooktober! I don’t actually care about Halloween costumes or scary stuff but I do love this dancing pumpkin man and the strange story behind his existence. I also like hearing about your plans for costumes and scary happenings! … Continue reading

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Let’s Chat!

I’m exhausted but it’s my own fault for staying up too late reading. I started reading those alphabet books by Sue Grafton (A is for Alibi, etc.) and they’re great! The protagonist’s internal dialogue is funny, the writing is sharp, … Continue reading

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Now in Theaters

What’s going on with everyone this week? And what movies have you seen? I’m glad I saw Brittany Runs a Marathon by myself because I cried basically start to finish. That movie hit a few nerves but I really enjoyed … Continue reading

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Podcast and chill

Geez guys, we’re a week away from fall and before we know it we’ll be moving the clocks whichever way they move this time of year! I’ll figure it out when the time comes. So what have you been up … Continue reading

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Netflix and Chat

What did you guys do for the long weekend? I watched a lot of US Open, dealt with a clogged kitchen sink, and unwittingly ordered a calzone that was bigger than my head. And now it’s Tuesday! Also, what are … Continue reading

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Open Chat: Music Recommendations

I love this song, and Kishi Bashi in general. I’ve also been listening to Cold War Kids. What are you listening to these days? What’s up this week? Here’s the good news: just four more work days to get through … Continue reading

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