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TKP©®™: A Walk in the Clouds

Keanu Reeves has managed to be mega-famous over the last three decades while still maintaining his privacy and reputation. Can you name a single scandal involving him? I didn’t think so! I mean, I can, but I’m basically the most … Continue reading

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TKP©®™: The Replacements

Before we dive into our first movie, I need you to feast your eyes on the above photo and brace yourselves for some world-view shattering information: This picture is on the cover of March’s UK Esquire magazine, meaning it was … Continue reading

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The Keanu Project©®™

One of my best-kept secrets is that I really love Keanu Reeves. JKJKJK it’s not a secret, he’s my favorite topic of conversation. Just today I went to grab lunch and instead bought a magazine with him on the cover. … Continue reading

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Happy Endings Reunion Headlines EW PopFest

This past weekend Entertainment Weekly presented an entertainment festival in downtown Los Angeles. The two-day EW PopFest offered big names such as James Corden, Jennifer Aniston, Eddie Redmayne, Anna Faris and Seth Rogen for podcasts, screenings, book signings and panels. … Continue reading

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EW PopFest to Give Us a Happy Ending(s Reunion)

Hey do you guys remember this song? I’m going to date myself by saying this was a big song when I was in college. I lived with my friend Pjetur (pronounced Peter) who was obsessed with *NYSNC so he waited … Continue reading

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Anne Hathaway Won’t Be Happy Until Everyone Hates Her

Okay, first of all, I don’t really hate Anne Hathaway. She seems to mean well. I just think she’s pretty tone-deaf about the stupid things that come out of her mouth. She’s definitely not even the second-worst, but this is a call … Continue reading

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American Ninja Warrior Toddlers

Well this is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. ANW has a captivating hold over me such that if I start watching it, I lose track of time until I’m out of episodes to watch. This kid is … Continue reading

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