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Mordonez has bestrodden the earth for over 40 long years, most of which he has spent not contributing to internet blogs. He resides in more or less Chicago, where he dabbles in playing all the musical instruments, and in being a big wheel down at the cracker factory.

Game of Thrones S6E03 — Oathbreaker

Well, we got our first glimpse of this show’s hidden story line, which is sort of an open secret among those who care to know, unless that old man presumably still typing away in Santa Fe is TRICKING US. At … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones S6E02–Home

Further doings are afoot in Westeros and Essos. In addition to recapping events from last week, the “previously” tells us: We’ll return to Bran’s storyline. You remember Bran, from two years ago? Some sort of dragon-ation or dragon-osity will be undertaken … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones S06E1 — The Red Woman

It’s that time of year again. Winter is over, which means Winter is Coming (presumably, finally). I’m not going to dwell on this more than once, or at least that’s my plan, but clearly there’s a huge difference between this … Continue reading

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Leo DeCaprio is the new Mr. Cool Disguise!

I figured we could use us a good old fashioned Mr. Cool Disguise post, as it’s been a while. Who even wears a Cal Bears hat to a New York Islanders game? Leo, I guess. Well, at least he changed … Continue reading

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Nature, man…it’s like, Whoa!

When reviewing a link I saw somewhere about deadly El Niño sea snakes. I came across and must present to you all this critical and underreported story about… ANIMALS RIDING ON OTHER ANIMALS In FURTHER related news, this reminded me of a … Continue reading

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Benny Bombards Beholders with Boffo Bard Blowout

Some of those that frequent this space are known to be aficionados of this one guy what looks kind of like an otter? But in a wonderfully dreamy way? So as a Public Service Announcement, I suggest that if you … Continue reading

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Going Deep with David Rees

So for those of you who are not familiar, David Rees is a fine fellow who used to draw (?) the clip-arty “Get your War On” cartoon, and who then moved on to a business (?) based on his fine … Continue reading

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Bad Lip Reading returns

The geniuses at Bad Lip Reading have taken the time to boil down that Republican debate for us, and I feel that it is fairly magical.  

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We Haven’t Had a Good Haunted Thing Lately

So in that vein, please look upon this story about a….stalked/haunted house, and despair. I for one would hate to buy a house, and then start getting letters from “The Watcher”.  

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Game of Thrones S5E10 — Mother’s Mercy

Well you guys, nothing really happened in this episode, so I’ll just keep it brief. Couple establishing shots, a few scenes of dialogue, and then it was just like, 55 minutes of watching a log burn in a fireplace? Not much … Continue reading

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