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Mrs. Beresford started out life as an accidental blackmailer (all in search of adventure and money) and can often be found hiding in cupboards or listening in on calls to the Home Office. She lives in San Francisco with several potted plants and Albert, her long-suffering valet.

Let’s talk about art

“We wanted to give people an opportunity to reconnect with their inner artist and have the chance for it to be shown the world—by the means of being projected from a huge inflatable cat head,” said a person called “Kill … Continue reading

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A half hour into the Germany v. Brazil game, and the Axis Superpower is up 5-0.  Ouch, y’all, this is painful. (No, I mean GREAT!  It’s WONDERFUL!  Uber alles, everybody!)

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On the Rhineland and the Conflicted Passions it Inspires

I know.  I KNOW!  Germany plays the USA today, and let’s just say that here in New England (from whence I make today’s report), my World Cup draw is not the local fan favorite.  And hey, I’m no traitor.  USA … Continue reading

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O-Town Skydives Into Your Hearts, Lands a Couple Fields Off

Aww, shit, y’all, O-Town is back!  And their new song IS technically music! “I won’t let go of the dreams I had, I know they can come true.” – O-Town. Unfortunately for fans of frosted tips everywhere, Ashley Parker Angel … Continue reading

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Germany wins, NBD, just so proud

It’s our tradition to control, Like Erich Honecker and Helmut Kohl, (remember him?) From the Ukraine to the Rhone. Sweet home uber alles, Lord I’m coming home. So come on, Sugar Daddy, bring me home! And here are some pictures … Continue reading

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Purin the Super Beagle to wear the red and white

After yesterday’s disappointing loss to Brazil, Croatia has shocked the globe by replacing under-performing goalie Stipe Pletikosa with Purin the Super Beagle. It’s a bold move, but will it truly make a difference with the unbeatable German team looming inevitably … Continue reading

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Heil Deutschland!

The German team, too, has landed in Brazil and are en route to their exclusive Bahia beach training facility, where they will practice with an unnerving intensity and later relax by the sea, perhaps considering the works of Herta Müller and the “landscape of … Continue reading

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Fat Jack’s Old Lady Sounds Perfectly Within Her Rights

Hello, Monsters! This is my first post as a contributor, so I’ll do a little introduction first. I’m Mrs. Beresford. I lurked and lurked for years on Videogum, feel eerily as if I know you all, but in a totally … Continue reading

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