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You’re Lucky You’re Cute: The Covenant

Welcome to “You’re Lucky You’re Cute,” A new feature where I will review bad films I watched, probably after a few glasses of wine, because I think one of the actors is very cute. There is a short list of … Continue reading

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Scare Yourself Silly

Reddit is good for three things: asking celebrities dumb questions, keeping an eye on the creep population, and scaring the pants off yourself anytime you want.  One good place to indulge the third activity is in the subreddit /r/nosleep: a … Continue reading

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Hey, do you kids like funny internet videos?

Well you’re in the luck! Especially if you like them when they are trying intentionally to be funny!  For starters, did you know that Gabe and Max (yes Gabe!  And Max!  You’ve heard of them!) have a new web series … Continue reading

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Horrible Man Pranks Unsuspecting People in Abandoned Building to Promote His Probably Stupid Movie

Imagine yourself–the inquisitive, ghost loving adventurers that you all are–really taking in a Saturday afternoon. If you live someplace called Kirkcaldy, Fife (whatever that is) you might decide today is a nice spring day to go wander around the local … Continue reading

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Important Informartion on the Cereal Content of Heaven

If you’ve been keeping an eye on movies you may have seen the trailer for the upcoming Greg Kinnear vehicle Heaven is for Real; the true story of a four year old boy named Colton Burpo who briefly died an … Continue reading

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Solving the Case of Did Everyone See the Veronica Mars Movie?

Did everyone see the Veronica Mars movie? Gee, that was easy! Open and shut case, thanks for your answers. (If you did not, you can rent it on Amazon for six bucks and not leave the house at all.) (If … Continue reading

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The Tale of Ellen and Portia’s Haunted Mansion Adventure

AAAHHH! GHOST!!!! GHOST AT ELLEN DEGENERES’ HOUSE!!! Ellen DeGeneres’s $40 Million Mansion Is Haunted (National Enquirer): “SPOOKY!” Uh-oh! “The talk show host has repeatedly been spooked by eerie noises and believes the home she shares with wife Portia de Rossi is … Continue reading

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Wahlburgers 2-4: Why?

Programming Note: As we were behind and these got progressively less action packed, I just wrote up the last three episodes together.  Do you like this?  I’m not sure anyone needs to read about the Wahlbergs weekly but we’re caught … Continue reading

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Wahlburgers, Episode 1 or “Who are these people, reall?”

Apparently, when I said I would watch Wahlburgers for us I didn’t realize I was already three episodes behind.  Luckily like all TV shows Wahlburgers has been made available on the internet, so let’s start catching up in time for … Continue reading

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