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They say that Old Man Fatima is over 400 years old, and that she stays alive by feeding on kids like you and me every Halloween. I heard she turns into an owl at night and flies around the neighbourhood looking for her next victim and that nobody has ever seen her blink.

Let’s start a gang

This weekend I watched The Warriors. For those of you who don’t know: one, you need to get some culture into your damn lives ASAP. And two, it’s about a young gang trying to make it home to Coney Island … Continue reading

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Tourism for Weirdos: Green Gables

This past weekend I was lucky enough to find myself on the enchanted  Isle of Prince Edward. Home of red beaches, picturesque lighthouses, potatoes, men who sing about potatoes, and of course our collective bosom friend, Anne Shirley. I braided my hair … Continue reading

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Are You Afraid of the Dark: the Tale of the Phantom Cab

In the year of our lord nineteen hundred and ninety, something truly glorious happened to Canadian youth. A group of rag tag misfits snuck out of their parents’ homes to throw flour on a fire and tell each other spooky … Continue reading

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The Weirdest Science

I wanted to write a movie review for you guys, but my time on this planet is limited and my review of ET is pretty much “the alien is creepy, the mom is a babe”. Plus I have a best-selling … Continue reading

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Monster slumber party with TLC!

BREAKING NEWS, TLC is kickstarting their new (and final) album. They’ve nearly doubled their goal, but there is still some neat stuff left, including a TLC onesie (YES PLEASE), a DVD of TLC dance moves, and a sleepover with Chilli! … Continue reading

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Watching Movies for the First Time: Star Wars

Being an immigrant from a poor family, my childhood was basically on par with your grandparents’. Lots of catching frogs, listening to dramas on the radio, and treehouse building. We didn’t have a colour TV until the turn of the … Continue reading

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Good News in the Fight Against Robots

We often express concern over the seeming inevitability of the looming robot apocalypse, but something has come to my attention that could change the way we think of our tin-and-electrode foes forever: sometimes robots suck. Hebocon is a Japanese (of … Continue reading

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