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Catching up with podcasts!

So, I know we talked aboutĀ  “Serial” a little bit in yesterday’s “How Was Your Day?” post, but let’s talk about it/podcasts some more! If you missed yesterday’s post, or just haven’t heard yet, “Serial” is a new true crime … Continue reading

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EVERYONE PLEASE STAY CALM. What I’m about to tell you will come as a blow to all of us. Or at least several of us. Please, hold onto your butts, as it is my sad duty to report: BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH … Continue reading

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If you are a royal watcher like me, and if you were up at 5 am, ALSO LIKE ME, then you know by now: The Duchess formerly known as Kate Middleton is totally pregs again!

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Hiphopapotamus, Rhymenoceros reuniting for our viewing pleasure?

Do you enjoy the comedic stylings of Messrs. Jemaine Clement and (Academy Award winner) Bret McKenzie, also known as The Flight of the Conchords? Well have I got some maybe-sorta news for you! According to various media reports, the duo … Continue reading

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Let’s all just accept this gift from the heavens…

Look. I don’t really pretend to understand HOW or WHY this exists. I just know that if a beverage company wants to spend millions of dollars on an “ad” that never actually mentions their product by name, but allows me … Continue reading

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Another day, another paranormal encounter, another reporter probably reconsidering her career choice. They don’t train you for this kind of thing in broadcasting school. WPMT reporter Katie Kyros and her photojournalist Nick Petrillo were blithely sent out to cover a … Continue reading

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WE MADE IT, Y’ALL!!! *sprinkles confetti in your general direction* 10 episodes and one million references to cabbages later, here we are at the end of the season. Let’s get down to brassĀ penis shaped epaulettes tacks, shall we?

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TURN S01E07&08: Double Trouble

Yeah, so I am mad behind and was considering just giving up on these things altogether. And then I saw these gifs on Tumblr and was like, “I must at least get to this scene.” So, since there are only … Continue reading

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No TURN recap this week!

Sorry pumpkins! My DVR did not record this week’s episode, nor is it available On Demand yet. I even tried to watch it online at the AMC website, but their streaming service is GARBAGE. It freezes up constantly and then … Continue reading

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TURN S01E06: The Return of the Stabbings

ALL HAIL THE GLORIOUS RETURN OF STABBING PEOPLE. It’s been far too long, indeed. (Also, can you believe this show has made it to 6 episodes? And that I’ve actually recapped all these episodes? I can’t!)

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