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Just Another Monster Birthday

Hi guys! I hate to interrupt the Hottest Hottiest Tournament of Hotties, since that’s what we’re all here for (I have three large on Charlie Cox), but it’s my birthday and, well, I’m celebrating by myself today. I happen to … Continue reading

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Behold the Enduring Creepiness of “Unsolved Mysteries”

Recently I discovered that the late 80s-early 90s TV show “Unsolved Mysteries,” with Robert Stack, is available on Amazon Video. All the seasons in their entirety. This is a show I would watch, spellbound, when I was younger, then go … Continue reading

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If it Ain’t Broke, Fix It (Also Tuesday TV Talk)

Remember Qwikster, and how great that turned out? Like, worse than New Coke? Well, you know those star ratings on Netflix? I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’ve never seen or heard about a show, I kind of … Continue reading

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A Wales Story Part II: The Dart Game

Previously, on A Wales Story… A whole lot of writers invade a small Welsh pub. Dave, a heavy-smoking, heavy-drinking man of indeterminate age enters and his brain nearly implodes when he sees the pub full of lovely twenty-something American women. They … Continue reading

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Can We Talk About a Poem For a Sec?

The great, renowned, Pulitzer Prize-National Book Award-Robert Frost Medal-etc.etc.-winning America poet John Ashbery turned eighty-eight this week. Eighty-effin’-eight, guys. And he just wrote another book of poetry. Another effin’ book. He’s already published twenty-something books. LitHub published a poem, “The Upright … Continue reading

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Tourism for Writer Weirdos: Lampeter, Wales

Hi guys! I miss you! I’ve been hella busy (I’m down with the youth) writing and workshopping and etc. Every time I want to hang out here, I think, “You have a hundred things to get done, tao, don’t procrastinate!” … Continue reading

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Jack Black / Jimmy Fallon Sing “More Than Words”

When is Jimmy Fallon going to ditch the suit and just do a sketch show already? This duet with Jack “Talented Spaz” Black is right on the money, both weirdly accurate and uniquely theirs.  

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