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Writer and Editor. Pianist and singer. Dog-lover and Shatner fan. Feminist and proponent of Jean-Claude Van Damme movies. I don't get it either. I wish I could have dinner with Marie Curie.

Monsters Vote! Let’s Share.

I drove the lengthy five minutes in the rain to the local high school. People tried to hand me stuff on the way in, but I smiled and said no thanks. I don’t need more to recycle. Everyone was so … Continue reading

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Monster Alert: You Might Have EXPLODING HEAD SYNDROME

URGENT: EXPLODING HEAD SYNDROME IS A THING. How have I not heard of this until this morning? Well, let’s move into it calmly and rationally. Let’s Start with Sleep Paralysis: It’s Already Scary Enough In an article published in LiveScience, … Continue reading

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Tao Kind of Sails to Bermuda: A Tourism for Weirdos Adventure in Three Parts

PART I: ALL ABOARD Bermuda: land of pink sand, crystalline aqua water, coral reefs, and a fish called wahoo. I’m glad I’ve been there before, because the two days we were in port at King’s Wharf, aboard Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur … Continue reading

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This Week in Tiny Things

It’s time for some tiny! There’s a breed of cat I’d never heard of before yesterday: the Munchkin Cat. Munchkin kitties are tiny with very short legs. They evolved this way through a natural mutation. People like them for their … Continue reading

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Sleeping Makes People and Animals Weird and Funny

We who love our pets are influenced by them in ways that are conscious and ways we can’t even imagine. Consider these stories told by sleepwalkers:

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Tiny Kitties for Gigantic Feels

Why do we love tiny things so much? Why, when I see a tiny thing, do I say, “It’s so tiny!” as if that needs to be stated. Like when I see a cat and go “KITTY!” Every. Damn. Time. … Continue reading

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One Weird Trick to Discover if You Have a Soul

Have you ever wondered, “Am I evil? Or perhaps dead? Could I be a listless, gossamer ghost floating in the same space for centuries, attached to nothing but what has long vanished from this earth?” Me too! #metooghost I’m glad … Continue reading

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