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Writer. Managing Editor of a literary journal. Pianist and singer. Dog-lover and Shatner fan.

This Week in Tiny Things

It’s time for some tiny! There’s a breed of cat I’d never heard of before yesterday: the Munchkin Cat. Munchkin kitties are tiny with very short legs. They evolved this way through a natural mutation. People like them for their … Continue reading

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Sleeping Makes People and Animals Weird and Funny

We who love our pets are influenced by them in ways that are conscious and ways we can’t even imagine. Consider these stories told by sleepwalkers:

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Tiny Kitties for Gigantic Feels

Why do we love tiny things so much? Why, when I see a tiny thing, do I say, “It’s so tiny!” as if that needs to be stated. Like when I see a cat and go “KITTY!” Every. Damn. Time. … Continue reading

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One Weird Trick to Discover if You Have a Soul

Have you ever wondered, “Am I evil? Or perhaps dead? Could I be a listless, gossamer ghost floating in the same space for centuries, attached to nothing but what has long vanished from this earth?” Me too! #metooghost I’m glad … Continue reading

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Tiny Dogs for Big Feels

Look, times are confusing and not a little depressing. We live in a world full of lying politicians, asshole bigots, rising walls, idiot bosses, nuclear threat, and a deteriorating global environment. Wait… where are you going? Stick with me. We … Continue reading

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Very Important Dog Things

So, I was reading some stuff on the Longform site, and I happened up on a piece with the byline of our own Kelly Conaboy! (RIP.) Kelly’s ghost wrote a lovely and informative article for The Outline titled “What Is … Continue reading

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Just Another Monster Birthday

Hi guys! I hate to interrupt the Hottest Hottiest Tournament of Hotties, since that’s what we’re all here for (I have three large on Charlie Cox), but it’s my birthday and, well, I’m celebrating by myself today. I happen to … Continue reading

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