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So, How Was Your Day?

Mine was good! I even went for a walk–OUTSIDE!!!–to take advantage of this sliver of time between winter and summer when it’s nice out but there aren’t any bugs. Plus I’m planning a vacation with my friend (we were originally … Continue reading

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This Chicken Does NOT Lay an Egg

Maybe as an encore she does lay an egg. Or he? I have no idea how chickens work. (I have some idea.) Please use the comment space to share all your poultry and music-world concerns.

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Cat Self-Medicates to Escape the New Horrors of Everyday Life

I’m voting This Cat For President in 2020 or whenever impeachment hearings are over.

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How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was good! I had a fun visit with my parents on Saturday and managed not to spend all my money at the rare book fair, which was not easy. On Sunday I wrote a lot and didn’t do laundry, … Continue reading

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Happy National Dog Day!

  There are official days for everything now aren’t there? Earlier this week it was Official Waffle Day. I hope that you all celebrated hard for that one. Today we can enjoy a day devoted to man’s best friend. How … Continue reading

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Question for Science: Can Goats Just Walk?

Because it mostly seems like they frantically hop everywhere. Even if they only have two inches to go and all the time in the world, goats don’t know how to stroll.

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National Pet Week!

According to the American Veterinary Association, it’s National Pet Week! (May is also Hamburger Month and Salad Month, but I’m not going to celebrate those.) I know a few months back we had a pet photo post, but between then … Continue reading

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