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Question for Science: Can Goats Just Walk?

Because it mostly seems like they frantically hop everywhere. Even if they only have two inches to go and all the time in the world, goats don’t know how to stroll.

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National Pet Week!

According to the American Veterinary Association, it’s National Pet Week! (May is also Hamburger Month and Salad Month, but I’m not going to celebrate those.) I know a few months back we had a pet photo post, but between then … Continue reading

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Dog Who Plays Piano and Sings Is Delightful But Will Never Get Radio Air Play

I do like when he flattens himself against the carpet, though.

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Do Not Be Fooled By This Adorable Robot

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium want you to believe that this is a sweet little baby polar bear, but do not be fooled!

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Adorable Child has Adorable Day

While here in the States (sorry, Gnid!) monarchy is a weird thing that seems charming, yet pointless, I think we can all agree that kids having fun on their first day of school is fantastic!

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Cat Barely Tolerates Monkey Suit, Enjoys Banana Just Fine

He does not even acknowledge the presence of other fruit.

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Nature, man…it’s like, Whoa!

When reviewing a link I saw somewhere about deadly El Niño sea snakes. I came across and must present to you all this critical and underreported story about… ANIMALS RIDING ON OTHER ANIMALS In FURTHER related news, this reminded me of a … Continue reading

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Zen Baby Zen

Just in case you thought the E*Trade baby was the only digitally enhanced speaking child to freak you out.

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Joyce Carol Oates Retweeted This Gif of A Cat

Yesterday afternoon, prolific author and National Book Award winner Joyce Carol Oates retweeted this gif. I love JCO so much. If you’re not following her, you should, because sprinkled among her thoughtful tweets about literature and politics and being human … Continue reading

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Small Dog Freaks Out Over Small Gourd

I’m very worried that we’ve already shared this video on this site, but a double-share of this little dude can’t hurt, can it?

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