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Tourism for Weirdos: The Wild, Wild West (of England)

Can it really be called tourism, when it’s your home town / region? Probably not, but I was showing around friends who’d never visited before, which often forces you to see a place through an outsider’s eyes. Those of you … Continue reading

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A new generation of pranksters is born

Editor’s Note: This post was originally written several days ago, but I’ve been slacking pretty hard recently and didn’t see this until now.  Let’s just call this a special post-Father’s Day article.  Sorry gnidrah.  😦 Is that the pitter-patter of … Continue reading

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Search terms of the last quarter, with apologies

I know someone else writes the search term posts, I am really not trying to steal your thunder, but some of these are too good not to share. Let’s discover what brought people to our little corner of the internet … Continue reading

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Eurovision Song Contest 2017 – the grand final!

Here we are! It’s Saturday, it’s mid-May, we’re wearing glitter, it can only mean one thing – it’s the final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. By now you may well know the result, but please feel free to play … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2017 – the second semi-final!

Well, here we all are again then. On Tuesday night, 10 countries qualified for Saturday’s grand final; now 18 more nations line up in hopes of joining them. Our hosts Oleksandr and Volodymyr are back, with Timur ably abetting them … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2017 – this is Kiev calling…

Greetings. I can’t even believe it’s been a whole year since we last gathered together for this joyous occasion – THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST. There’s been a lot of water under the Euro bridge, our fine lines are less fine, … Continue reading

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Checking in with the UK’s ghosts

It’s been ages since we last checked in with the UK’s ghosts (approximately two and a half years, actually, which in blog years is the equivalent of a century), so it feels high time to return to one of our … Continue reading

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