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Let’s get the Eurovision 2020 show on the road!

As mentioned by others on here, we’re in need of a bit of joy! (I am for SURE, because I’m freelance, so if I have to isolate, I don’t get any protection/pay, and if the events I’m meant to be … Continue reading

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Sooooo, Love Island then?

Hey kids! (spelling is fun!) (sorry) So I just thought I should get you right up to speed with a l’il British show you’ll no doubt have seen/heard a lot about if you’re on Twitter/the internet. It’s called Love Island.

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Your next favourite British TV show: The Night Manager

I know you all still love Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice. I get that Broadchurch was fun and intense (series one anyway…) and I understand that those cute little accents just get you every time in Downton Abbey. But I assure you … Continue reading

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I Did Not Meet the Royal Baby

BABY! I made a promise I couldn’t keep, guys, and I’m very sorry for that.  Basically Kate Middleton went into labour on a Saturday and ain’t no way I’m going to work on a Saturday, not even for you beautiful … Continue reading

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Tiny crime scenes

It may be that this is taught in American high schools as a matter of course. If so, my apologies. But when I read about a woman named Frances Glessner Lee and her tiny crime scenes, I felt sure it … Continue reading

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Announcing new segment or maybe I’m just embarrassing myself

Hello, Homeless Monsters and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was nice! I got a pedicure and went to the library and went to see “Snowpiercer,” which was very good! I also saw another film via Netflix, which I … Continue reading

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Eurovision Song Contest: a beginner’s guide

If you’ve spent any time at all in Europe, particularly around about the March-May period of the year, you’ll probably have encountered the Eurovision Song Contest. It was set up in 1956, as a way of bringing post-war Europe together. … Continue reading

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This Is Just An Intro Post

Hi guys. Well. Our fears have come to pass, and Videogum, the best place on the internet, is no more (I’m posting this a day early because I don’t know what’s going on tomorrow, so, if a benevolent millionaire ends … Continue reading

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