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Screw It, This Deserves A Caption Contest

We don’t do caption contests here as often as we used to (it’s tough!), so I was hesitant to post one.  But by God, look at this shit!  How could I resist?  What kind of man slaps on a freakin’ … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 1/14/2016

You’d think with dozens of cardio machines at my gym, there’d be one available when I showed up.  WRONG. Oscaaaaaaaaaarssss AGAIN with this guy Friends reunion(ish)! This is good Walmart-ing BTW, I assume most people get Monday off, we’ll be … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 1/12/2015

If you’ve never had welsh cakes, you should. Proud alumnus of the University of Nebraska What’s the point if he never leaves? This is a day you do not go to work Thanks for helping us win the championship.  Later.

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Monster Community Pool – 1/7/2016

Our first pool outing of the year!  Holy shit is it cold… Efficient use of a sports car But can we still love her?  (Probably) My bad Enjoy your caffeinated zucchini bread

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MonSTAR Community Pool – 12/29/2015

Give the people what they want, especially if that thing is Star Wars.  Have some Star Wars. See ya later, cowboy! Do you like money?  Some people like money. I can barely build a TIE Fighter, let alone this thing! … Continue reading

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Nature, man…it’s like, Whoa!

When reviewing a link I saw somewhere about deadly El Niño sea snakes. I came across and must present to you all this critical and underreported story about… ANIMALS RIDING ON OTHER ANIMALS In FURTHER related news, this reminded me of a … Continue reading

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Monster Community Pool – 12/22/2015

Spotlight is the perfect feel good movie for the Christmas season. Just a group of hard working adults with real jobs I’m only interested in the bear BLASPHEMY! As if California didn’t have enough problems

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