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TV Talk Takeover!

I’m watching a lot of TV right now. Some might say it’s too much TV. I would say it’s too much TV. But, as a result, I decided to queue up a TV talk this week. My summer shows include … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2018 – the grand final

Thought the comedown wasn’t going to be as bad this year, for some reason, but it turns out it was just delayed. It’s hit me today. How better to cheer oneself up than by reliving this year’s Eurovision Song Contest … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2018 – the second semi-final

Oh HELLO you. Second semi-final time, and even though I’m very sad to be home, we’ve got another evening of joy, delight and laughter ahead of us. It will become apparent quite quickly that we were spoiled by the first … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2018 – first semi-final LIVE & DIRECT FROM LISBON!

I know, you’ve been sitting there impatiently drumming your fingers on the table, wondering “WHERE ON EARTH is my Eurovision recap courtesy of Gnidrah, I do hope she hasn’t fallen down a well and is incapable of enjoying this year’s … Continue reading

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Tuesday TV Talk

The Lost In Space reboot debuted this past week on Netflix.  I have not seen it, but people I know say it’s fun but ultimately pointless, which is how I feel about the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies.

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Tuesday TV Talk

For the past few months, I’ve been like “When’s the final season of New Girl gonna start airing?”  The answer is tonight, at 9:30pm EST.  That’s that.

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Tournament of Hotties: TV Actors Round One

It’s the Golden Age of Television, and in more ways than one. As TV gets better and better, the men on the small screen seem to be getting hotter and hotter. And as you’ll see in this bracket, some sexy … Continue reading

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