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How was your weekend?

Do we know why Garfield, a feline animal with no job to speak of, hated Mondays so much? In any case, here we are, Monday once again. I have one more day to make a big life decision and am … Continue reading

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Early Eurovision? Early Eurovision!

HEY THERE. We’ve got two months to go till the most wonderful time of the year, but all of our runners and riders are IN! So let’s have a little preview of some of the delights you will have coming … Continue reading

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Tourism for Weirdos: From Russia with Love

***Full disclaimer: I went on this trip two months ago but haven’t got around to posting this blog. SORRY.*** Remember the heady days of 2018? Oh, we thought we knew so much! I even remember posting a comment where I … Continue reading

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Searching for The Most Terrible Movie Since 2014: Robin Hood

TMTM™: Robin Hood Score: 2 armor-piercing arrows out of 10 Worldwide box office gross: $23 million Budget: $100 million Bechdel-Wallace Test Score: -3 if you’re being generous

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It’s Friday for Dancing! And a Puppy.

What’s happening for you this weekend? I have nothing urgent but I really need to clean my place. Will that happen? I don’t know. It’s a mystery. Anyways, please enjoy this puppy taking a shower.

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What’s for Lunch? How’s the Weather? And Book Club Update

This morning I drove from northern Virginia to Maryland in some bad snowy weather. I’m happy to be home enjoying a gluten free shepherd’s pie, sparkling water, and espresso. It’s just snow and ice here. Tomorrow it’s supposed to warm … Continue reading

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Happy Tuesday!

How was your (possibly) long weekend? I visited a friend for a few days. We hung out with our dogs, wrote a bit, and drank wine. And watched The Wife. Anybody else see that movie? I have thoughts, I tell … Continue reading

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