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It’s Friday! Let’s Dance?

What are your weekend plans? I’m hopefully going to see the eclipse without frying my eyeballs and then flying home without incident.

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It’s Project Club Time!

My only goal this week is to relax, have fun, and eat too much food. I feel confident that I’ll succeed. It’s almost back-to-school season, which means I feel the urge to buy office supplies even though I don’t need … Continue reading

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So, How Was Your Day?

Mine is great, because I’M ON VACATION!!! I’ll be MIA for the next few days, but I do have the usual posts queued up. Be good while I’m gone, and listen to your father (FRQ).

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Tuesday TV Talk

The biggest TV news to hit the internet as of late has been Shonda Rhimes’ decision to bring her talents to Netflix.  This does not affect me in any way, but I think some of you watch her shows(?).  I … Continue reading

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How Was Your Weekend?

Besides being disgusted by the news from Charlottesville and our general cesspool of a nation, my weekend was fine! I finally bought some food and tried to get some work done, but mostly gave up and read and watched TV … Continue reading

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Tourism for Weirdos: The Wild, Wild West (of England)

Can it really be called tourism, when it’s your home town / region? Probably not, but I was showing around friends who’d never visited before, which often forces you to see a place through an outsider’s eyes. Those of you … Continue reading

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It’s Project Club Time!

Last week’s post! I went to AAA, and, uh. Eventually I’ll run out of food and will have to go to the grocery store, so the problem will solve itself. I also want to clean this week so the apartment … Continue reading

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