Open chat: School’s back

Judging by Facebook, school seems to be back in session. My feed is filled with kids holding mini-chalkboards stating their new grades. Remember how much fun it was to pick out your first day outfit? I think in 5th grade I proudly sported a Bart Simpson shirt. Continue reading

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Open chat: what are you excited about?

Some great news out in the universe for once: word on the street says ABC is considering a Happy Endings reboot! In case you’re not familiar with this show, it was only the best comedy in the history of television. There are so many jokes, references, and sight gags that I noticed things for the first time on my 20th, 30th, etc., watches.

So what are you excited about this week?


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Let’s get through this week somehow

We’re going to get through this week somehow. My birthday is on Friday so I’m very much looking forward to a pitcher or two of margaritas as my light at the end of the tunnel. In Keanu news, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said they tried to get Keanu for a small roll in Hobbs & Shaw, but the cynic in me believes he just knew that saying that would generate headlines. I’m still SMDH about that story on how the Fast & Furious stars are afraid to lose a fight on screen. Guys, we know it’s just a movie and that you can’t actually fight anyhow.

What are you up to this week? Share some good news if you got any!

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Open Chat

I have oral surgery today and I’m pretty stressed. Plus I miss you guys. Where is everybody? Can we do some gif parties this week? Or post pics of your pets or something!

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What’s Up This Week?

Here’s a picture of somewhere I’d rather be than in the office. Where are you this week and where would you prefer to be? What’s going on in your life? Share some gifs or something in the comments! Also we gotta talk about Veronica Mars at some point, I’m only two episodes in.

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I don’t know what you did this summer

It just occurred to me that it’s summer. Since I like to vacation in off seasons and don’t have kids, nothing really distinguishes the summer months for me. Are you having any summer fun? I haven’t been to any parties or a pool or anything. I hope you have! What else is going on with everyone?

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What’s Good?

I’m just throwing up an open chat here for the week unless someone else has anything to post! What did you do for the long weekend? What are you excited about these days? Netflix recommendations? Complaints? Requests for advice? We can handle it all!

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