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Today We Are All These Chicks Clinging to Someone’s Coffee Mug for Warmth

Keep your beaks up, monsters. Friday is on the way. (Via Tastefully Offensive)

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Speaking of Raccoons

We’ve had a very raccoon-heavy last few days, and today the hits keep coming, as a baby raccoon (or, honestly, more likely a tweenager raccoon, it’s pretty big) is taught to climb by its patient mother. Or father! I don’t … Continue reading

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A Clowder of Killers

Assassin’s Creed Unity is the latest entry in the historical action-adventure video game series.  Set during the French Revolution, the title features a parkour system, revised combat mechanics, and a grand multiplayer campaign.  Now that I’ve given you some background, you … Continue reading

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Um, Did Anyone Else Realize Piglets Were This Tiny?

I’m pretty sure that’s a holstein friesian mouse, right? Or maybe a vole with glandular problems? Anyway, I think I just died.

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Let this Slow Motion Footage of a Dog Eating Treats Wash Over You Like Cool Ocean Waves


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Let’s Talk About Happy Things!!

So I was going to write a post about Adam Richman’s Instagram snafu but the whole thing made me feel all so I was like “nah”. Instead, I am going to make a carefully curated post of all my favorite things … Continue reading

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