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Stay Safe This Summer

Make sure you cover up, by all means. Via AdWeek

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Nice Try, Japan

You can’t fool me with your pretty colors. Via Pleated Jeans

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Zen Baby Zen

Just in case you thought the E*Trade baby was the only digitally enhanced speaking child to freak you out.

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The Most Effective Ad Campaign Ever

Yes, it’s an ad.  No, I don’t care.  It’s adorable, and the little ginger cat reminds me of my cat Fry.  Watch the newest installment of “Dear Kitten”!!!

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Oh shift!

Tiny mouths + filthy language = A very entertaining car commercial. [Via Adweek]

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Instant 80’s Vision

Tens sunglasses: Perfect for the consumer who is nostalgic for the 80’s, but still wants to keep their modern man-bun. [Adweek]

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Freedom. Choices. Sizzler!

This commercial is so epic. I can’t decide whether I am hungry or if I should join the Marines. AMERICAAAA! REASONABLY PRICED BUFFETSSSS!! SIZZLERRR!!!! [digg]

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