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Stay Safe This Summer

Make sure you cover up, by all means. Via AdWeek

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Nice Try, Japan

You can’t fool me with your pretty colors. Via Pleated Jeans

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Zen Baby Zen

Just in case you thought the E*Trade baby was the only digitally enhanced speaking child to freak you out.

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The Most Effective Ad Campaign Ever

Yes, it’s an ad.  No, I don’t care.  It’s adorable, and the little ginger cat reminds me of my cat Fry.  Watch the newest installment of “Dear Kitten”!!!

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Oh shift!

Tiny mouths + filthy language = A very entertaining car commercial. [Via Adweek]

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Instant 80’s Vision

Tens sunglasses: Perfect for the consumer who is nostalgic for the 80’s, but still wants to keep their modern man-bun. [Adweek]

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Freedom. Choices. Sizzler!

This commercial is so epic. I can’t decide whether I am hungry or if I should join the Marines. AMERICAAAA! REASONABLY PRICED BUFFETSSSS!! SIZZLERRR!!!! [digg]

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Who wants to go on a date?

As our friends at Adweek so aptly headlined this: “Halifax’s Horrifying Date-Night Ad Will Make You Not Want to Date for a While. Be thankful if you’ve found someone.” I just can’t wait to start online dating again. If only … Continue reading

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What is Jeff Goldblum Doing?

It seems like we’ve had a quiet little spate* since Jeff Goldblum last blew our minds by announcing the birth of his first child on the David Letterman show. That was January 2015. Ancient history, people! So what has he been … Continue reading

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Leo, Marty and Bob Take On Advertising

[Unfortunately, YouTube took the video down, but you can still watch it here: http://bcove.me/ophqjzzc ] Enjoy this teaser trailer for a short film releasing Spring 2015. The film is a big fat advertisement for two casinos in Philippines and China, … Continue reading

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