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Trix Tips: Best Friends For… as Long as We Can Tolerate Each Other?

I have a friend from college who I love dearly, like a sister.  We moved to different ends of the country after college, and we would talk almost every day on the phone.  But after a couple of years, I … Continue reading

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Trix Tips: So your BFF hates your BF. Now what?

Dear Auntie Commentatrix, I have this friend who we will call Tammy, because that is not her real name. Tammy and I have been BFF for more years than we have not been BFF. She is usually the bees knees, … Continue reading

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Trix Tips: Is there such a thing as dating authentically?

Dear Commentatrix, I’ve had to write those “about me”-type blurbs in dating profiles a few times and my first instinct is always to put something cryptic and standoffish (my last Tinder bio is a quote I lifted from a Wikipedia … Continue reading

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Trix Tips: An Introduction

Happy Monday, everyone, and welcome to the inaugural Homeless Monsters advice column helmed by me, Commentatrix, your Khaleesi, your Beatrice, your North Star! I’d like to start by thanking everyone for being so supportive of this new venture and for … Continue reading

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Announcing new segment or maybe I’m just embarrassing myself

Hello, Homeless Monsters and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was nice! I got a pedicure and went to the library and went to see “Snowpiercer,” which was very good! I also saw another film via Netflix, which I … Continue reading

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