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Telling It Like It Is

Is there such thing as too much wisdom in one week? Via DPnF

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Lost and Found

I guess it is not as bad as leaving it in the refrigerator. Via Daily Mail

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Short and Sweet

Sometimes good advice doesn’t require a lot of talking. Via Adweek

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Monster Beauty Corner: July Edition

Yes, I realize it’s almost August, shut up. Ahhh, late July. We are truly in the dog days now friends. Hopefully you are spending most of your time either inside air conditioned buildings, or pool/beachside sipping a fruity, frozen beverage.

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Monster Beauty Corner: June Edition

IT’S SUMMERRRRRRRRRRRR!!! No, I wasn’t just introducing myself in a super rad and tubular way, but it is the actual season of Summer now! Yayyyyy!!! Summer always a weird, if fun, time for beauty. You want to have liven things … Continue reading

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Inaugural Monster Beauty Corner

Ladymonsters! (And Dudemonsters, let’s not conform to traditional gender roles here!) Lately, I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking at hair and makeup tutorials. (Oh hey look, Fatima, it wants me to recruit you.) If you … Continue reading

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Just Some Good Shopping Advice

None of you strike me as Black Friday aficionados, but in case you’re considering the consumer madness that will grace us in a few days, here are some helpful tips on getting the best deals. Via Tastefully Offensive

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What Type of Monster Do You Attract?

Buzzfeed, our go-to site for quality relationship advice, has designed an insightful, scientifically accurate quiz to help us with our love lives. Seriously: how can we expect to have a meaningful and honest relationship with a significant other if we don’t … Continue reading

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