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Elaborate Demonstrations

You don’t need a corporate mandate to have fun at work. Via Pleated Jeans

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Monster Community Pool – 5/21/2015

As God is my witness, I will find a pool this weekend. “Overbooked?! Well, now you have to deal with this.” “You’re 37?  BARF” “It’s not that bad, guys.  Now please give me your money.” “What can I say?  I … Continue reading

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Traveling In Style

Thanksgiving is one of the most hectic travel times of the year.  But despite the crowded airports, weather delays, and luggage issues, at least you don’t have to push your own airplane in -60 ° weather. Via The Siberian Times

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How About Another Quirky Safety Video?

Once again, an airline pulls all the stops to instruct passengers on how to inflate their life jacket.  This time, Air New Zealand caters to Tolkien fans/general nerds with their video featuring cast members from The Hobbit.

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Flying The Friendlier Skies

When booking your next trip to London, you may want to consider flying British Airways.  In an attempt to further reduce the stress of air travel, the carrier announced a new channel to their in-flight entertainment: Paws & Relax TV.  It features … Continue reading

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