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Merry Christmas From Abroad

Always nice to take in other cultures. Via Neatorama Advertisements

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Let’s Pretend It’s Not The Fifth Of July

Continue celebrating our great nation with an equally great breakfast food. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Challenge Accepted

Last week, American robot maker MegaBot issued a challenge to their counterparts in Japan, Suidobashi Heavy Industries.  They felt that their robot, the Mark 2, could beat their rivals’ Kuratas machine in a duel.  Well this past weekend, Suidobashi sent their reply…

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A Question About this Old Wrangler Jeans Commercial

How did this guy even plan his day? “First I’m going to shampoo, condition and blow dry my hair since I’ve got to be in a Newport Cigarettes ad later. Then I’ll put on a fresh pair of Wrangler jeans and … Continue reading

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One More Day…

Is this our consolation prize for the World Cup? Via Tastefully Offensive

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The Dream is Dead (For Now)

Another year, another loss in the knockout round.  Despite their best efforts, the US Men’s National Soccer Team fell to Belgium 2-1.  Even though Team USA was able to keep the game scoreless through regular time (featuring an amazeballs performance by Tim Howard), … Continue reading

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Journalistic Objectivity Falls Before The Might of America

My apologies to cassmasterflash for covering her team, but goddamnit, this is the United States of America.  I would be remiss to let Team USA’s thrilling 2-1 victory over Ghana on Monday go unmentioned.  Group H is known as “The Group of … Continue reading

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