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Who Haunts My Apartment?: An On-Going Saga: The Case of the Kitchen Floor Jack

If you’ll remember, a few months ago I reported on the possibility that an old-timey police officer haunts my apartment. That post was inconclusive as to the truth. But, there has been a development! The development is that I moved … Continue reading

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Tastefully Grating

Right now, my biggest problem sleep-wise is the ridiculous amount of pollen in the air, causing me to produce a fortress of snot and sneeze like there’s no tomorrow.  Despite my allergies, I can at least say that I don’t have to deal … Continue reading

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What is Jeff Goldblum Doing?

It seems like we’ve had a quiet little spate* since Jeff Goldblum last blew our minds by announcing the birth of his first child on the David Letterman show. That was January 2015. Ancient history, people! So what has he been … Continue reading

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Who Haunts My Apartment?: An On-Going Saga

This morning when I woke up, I was planning on getting some work done before I headed into the office. However, I remembered that the document I needed was saved on our internal server and I still can’t figure out … Continue reading

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