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Terror From Down Under

You don’t need a dinosaur or giraffe chasing you for it to be a frightening experience. Via NPR  

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Just Some Old Fashioned Greco-Roman Koala Wrestling

These two feisty koala bears couldn’t look more like a pair of actual human wrestlers tousling around on the ground if they slathered themselves with canola oil, painted on some Andre-the-Giant-style unitards and ran wild on the Seattle Kingdome for a pay-per-view audience … Continue reading

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Honey Bunches of Nope

There are very few things that come between me and my cereal.  This is one of them. Via Neatorama

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Settle This In The Streets

The suburbs can be just as dangerous. Via Daily Picks and Flicks

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First person to buy the new iphone is now also the first person to get it fixed. (ps. Thank you Australia for giving us the word iPhrenzy.)

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Strength In Numbers

You know it’s an extra terrible morning when you get your leg stuck between a train and the station platform, especially after all of the warnings you receive to “Mind The Gap”.  Fortunately for one Perth rider, the rest of his … Continue reading

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Haunted House Of The Week: The Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia

I’ll be honest: I chose today’s house because 1) it’s pretty and 2) it reminded me of Monte Cristo sandwiches, which are delicious. Have you ever had one at the restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland? … Continue reading

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