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Arnold’s Japanese Ramen Commercials are About as Weird as You’d Expect

Back before movie stars were brands, they often had to secret themselves away to overseas markets to make the real scrilla selling their image to advertisers. From today’s vantage point, it’s sort of hilarious that Arnold might have been worried about damaging his … Continue reading

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Who’s Thirsty for Some Orangina?

I know I’m not!

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Savor the Nutty Aroma of Paul Stanley’s Lost Folgers Commercial

This “lost” Folgers commercial from 2000 starring Paul Stanley of KISS has aged incredibly well. Had it aired when it was made, it probably would have been the subject of total derision, but in the Old Spice/Tim & Eric world of now it … Continue reading

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10 Ghosts of Christmas Commercials Past

Look, if I’m really being honest with myself, the thing that I look forward to most about the holiday season is binge-watching old Christmas commercials on YouTube. That’s probably because, for people of a certain age, these friendly, familiar spots returned … Continue reading

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We’ve Found that Travel Agency You’ve Been Looking For

First of all, yes, the video is about three minutes long, which is an eternity in Internet Standard Video Time. But it is also bonkers pretty much all the way through, so hopefully you will feel (as I did) that it is … Continue reading

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