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The Risks Of Just Going For It

Had he had his mouth open when attempting to make the catch, he could have multi-tasked. Via Fox Sports

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RIght On The Meat

What does he do after getting hit?  Goes back to selling ice cream.  True American hero, right here. Via Sports Illustrated

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The Art of Waiting

Like many people, I don’t have the patience for watching baseball.  If more players did this between batters, I’d be a more frequent guest at the local ballpark. Via DPnF

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The Consummate Professional

If he can get through this, you can get through your goddamn presentation. Via NPR

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Third Time’s The Charm

You gotta wait for the right time to attack a baseball. Via Viral Viral Videos

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Getting Into The Spirit

Love that South Side charm. Via Deadspin

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Monster Community Pool – 6/9/2015

Holy hell.  Maybe I’ll pass on this one… Hey I remember this show. Baseball would be more interesting if frogs were allowed to play. Don’t worry, ladies, he’s still virile. Jesus, how much money does Netflix have? Oh, and a … Continue reading

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Made In America

He is either the laziest dad on Earth, or the most brilliant inventor of our time. Via Tastefully Offensive

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Maybe He Should Take The Rest Of The Day Off

Sir, please keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times. Via Imgur

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Happy Baseballs Time, Guyz!

Despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that for 9 years I spent 40+ hours of my week at the foot of Fenway Park, I do not particularly care for baseball. I do like the movie The Sandlot though, because … Continue reading

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